I decided that I should make my own topic for this. In the process of removing my fuel tanks I noticed that one of the mufflers had epoxy slathered over one side. I assumed that it had rusted through and that was the repair for it. Being that on my 31 the exhaust is partially below the waterline to me this was an issue that HAD to be addressed. I removed the entire exhaust system up to the risers, the hoses where also in a pretty sorry state once I opened them up and could see the inside. The one muffler was obviously trashed, the other looked pretty good, but I did find a crack running the length of the outlet.

The next step was to call Marine Sales and see if they had replacements to mine. They did, though upon inspection one looked ok, had a rattle can makeover, the other had been repaired on both the inlet and outlet, I figure if I'm going to have one that's repaired, I might as well have my better muffler repaired. I took it to a friends shop to be welded, but it's not repairable, too far gone.

I'd considered possibly putting a larger exhaust system in since I plan on a repower in the future and would like to go to more powerful engines. However after some digging I found that someone had already put 454's in a 31 and it ran fine on a 3-1/2 inch exhaust. So I'll probably sick with that.

At this point I'm looking at new mufflers, most likely Centek as they seem to be the main supplier of aftermarket exhaust. Though I still toy with the idea of something abit more out of the box. We'll see.

I cut open one of my mufflers to see what makes it tick today. I was surprised to find that it had 2 separate chambers that don't connect. They're not very thick, maybe 3/16ths.

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Pretty simple inside.  I wonder if someone could simply make them up from scratch?

That's the something out of the box I'm wondering about. ;) Might happen if it's not cost prohibitive.

If you found someone willing to do it, I bet you would find additional customers.

I have a couple idea's on who to use. Or it may just be time for me to learn to weld ;)

The only downside with replacing those classic CC Free Flow Mufflers is that you will 100% completely lose that recognizable sound... small block Commanders can be heard from all the way out the harbor and any Chris aficionado worth his salt can recognize that signature burble. 

I parted out a 1966 32 Sea Skiff flybridge in 2001 and after i took everything i wanted off the boat i sold it to a marine salvage yard here in the Metro Detroit area. To the best of my knowledge the hulk of the boat is still there.... tho not much left.  Upon my last inspection 18 mos ago i was surprised to see the mufflers still in place down in the aft bilge... I thought i took them out but guess not.  They are identical to what my 31 Commander Sedan has.... and they were in very very nice condition.

If you are interested in possibly staying original..... inbox me at comdrsca@gmail.com and i will give you the name and location of the salvage yard and you can inquire to the owner tomorrow if the boat and mufflers are still in place in his yard. 

Thanks....Hope this may help..

Scott Anderson

Past Chief Commander 2010-2011

Here's what I did.  Don't think the great sound was sacrificed perhaps a decibel quieter?  Still great sound.

It was a simple conversion. Two mufflers, 6 ft of muffler hose, 16 new clamps and about 2 hours.

Pic's attached for your information.

By the way, my boat is a 68 31' CCC. 

All the best.


found these...look like your direct replacements too...327s from a Commander...fresh water always...  

Ebay   item number 111556123008

Those are for dual exhaust, only 2.5" inlet and outlet, we need 3.5" to run single exhaust on a 327.

I wouldn't buy any unless I could see them first hand, a can of spray paint can make those things look pretty good, but the problems are on the inside. Also cracks which can be hard to pick up in pictures.

Considering my boats always been a fresh water boat and I have 2 bad mufflers I'd say after 50 years any of those used cast iron mufflers are going to be on their last leg. Only savior would be if I came across some new old stock, but I'm betting that's pretty unlikely.

My new mufflers. Custom replications out of 3/16ths Stainless Steel made by Kehrig MFG in Chesterfield MI the same company that made my fuel tanks.

They look incredible.  Can't wait to see what they sound like.  How about a video once you get them installed.  Can you give us a ballpark idea on cost?  These could become very popular way to keep that classic sound.  Would love to have a set.

I can't wait to see what they sound like either. I really expect them to sound the same as they recrated all the deflectors and baffles from the cut up muffler I took them, also the same thickness material 3/16ths. The only real differance is that it's bent/welded plate instead of cast and it's stainless. I also had them shorten the inlet/outlet alittle for better clearance. They really weren't that much more than an off the shelf fiberglass muffler. The stainless ran $460ea, they ran me quote for steel also which was $330ea. The stainless should last essentially forever so to me the extra cost was worth it.

You are breaking new ground!  Please post a video when you get them installed.

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