Does the 327q closed cooling system have a thermostat? I pulled the thermostat housing apart and didn't find a thermostat, just a flow restriction device/plate.

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Every water cooled motor should have a thermostat. It keeps the motor at the optimum operating temperature.

What thermostat housing are you refering to. On the closed Q motors there aren't thermostats located on the normal thermostat housing on the intake manifold like the normal engines are. There is a cooling manifold between the engine and heat exchanger. And the thermostat should be on the bottom part of the manifold. I believe you need to remove the top half to get to it.

Here is a diagram. The top finger is what the cooling manifold looks like and the bottom finger is where the thermostat is. It is upride down on the closed cooked Q's.

I pulled the housing apart and there's no thermostat. It must have been removed by the previous owner. Anyone know a source for the thermostat and part number? 

This outfit used to stock them. I believe the part is also common with the 318/360 Chrysler marine engine.

Thanks Paul. I called mackboring, they dont carry the thermostat. The Chrysler thermostat above is available from a few sources but its $100. If that's the only option I have then I'll order it. 

I pulled the thermostat housing off the starboard engine today. Unlike the port side that had no thermostat, the starboard had two thermostats. They're Delco thermostats that dont look anything like the Chrysler thermostat pictured above. KD C6 stamped on the side, M 143 and HRD stamped on the bottom. Picture attached. 


I am So Sorry the Thermostat I gave you the information on was for the F motor.  The Q style are more of an automotive style.  If you have a hard time sourcing them I would contact Seaway Marine in the Pacific Northwest.  They should be able to help and they will have all of the hoses and gaskets in stock except for one gasket.  SORRY.

Captain  Tom .........  contact   on the left coast  in the L.A. area .  They were a large Chris Craft distributor from back in the day & are still  selling Chris Craft parts  . They will have the correct parts for you  .



I'll second that on Harpurs! He is a great guy and they have loads of stock. Helped me out big time with a pump repair before.

Thanks, I'll check with those suppliers. I have the 160 degree thermostat pictured above, part number 3675302, that I can't use. If anyone needs that one let me know, I can save you a few dollars. 

Steve said:

I'll second that on Harpurs! He is a great guy and they have loads of stock. Helped me out big time with a pump repair before.

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