I am trying to determine how the original refrigerator was secured in the boat.   Anyone know?



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Rachel, I see you own a 410 so my post might not apply since I have a 38.


Ok so good news the above unit (Summit CT663BBISSHV) does fit in the 38 Commander and looks great.   It is really nice to have a refrigerator that fits the full space same as the original one did only this unit is stainless    However, if you want to do the same be warned it takes some careful handling and disassembly/McGivering.   First I removed the salon door and all related hardware that support the top hatch.  Then you have to remove the refrigerator's door.    The width of my door opening is 21 inches at it narrowest point horizontal to the bow.    The refrigerator without the door including the radiator panel on the back are slightly wider at around 22 inches.    What I had to do is unscrew a fan unit from the back and then unscrew the radiator panel also on the back.   You can't completely remove the panel since it is connected to the condenser.   What I did was to gently and carefully bend the braces of the panel flat so it would lay flat across the back of the refrigerator.   By do so the unit just fits into the opening.   Also note the fan cannot be completely removed either as it is wired into the fridge.   I laid it inside the opening near where it mounts.    You have to elevate and tilt the fridge topside or bottom side going in first so as to clear a small wood trim on the front of the door opening.   I reassembled the unit and carefully bent the radiator brackets back to their original shape once down below.   Happy to report the unit works fine after reassembly.  To keep the refrigerator from moving toward the stern while underway I installed (screwed)  a small piece of mahogany to create a wood lip of about 1 inch tall X 1 inch wide running the length of the bottom of the opening.   Looks like it came from the factory that way.  I hope this helps others looking for an original size refrigerator in their salon.    


Thanks, I now understand the 410 and 38 have different refrigerators.  

Captains & Crew  ......  For anyone looking to replace a fridge /freezer combo on your Commander , one of the OEM suppliers to Chris Craft back in the day was  www.marvelrefrigeration.com .  They still make many styles of under counter and full size models that have the correct ventilation . 

GE was also a supplier to Chris Craft also for fridge models .



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