Does anyone know the original thickness of the toe rails?   1 inch?



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Not positive but I think they were 3/4 

Responding to this to see if there are any other answers out there.  i believe 3/4 might be too thick... so... 11/16" or 5/8"?  


I found this while browsing:

Bruce Martin
I used six quarter teak and did my own truing and planing to achieve a
finished 1 1/16" thickness. the cost of the wood was about $2500 but may
vary depending on where you buy it. There is a great deal of work to create
what I did...could be done more simply.

It requires filling(fiberglass) all
the old screw holes on the gunnels and refinish those. Other issues include
relocating the screw holes on the new teak where the cleats mount through to
the threaded plates below. Having a table sander available helps to achieve
a exact height and smoothness prior to mounting the wood on the boat.

return to the origional shape will require a steam bending of the back
corners athe minimum...we steamed all pieces of the banding so that the
bend/twist would be permanent when they cooled.

Thanks according the guy who took mine off and replaced it the pieces under the stanchions were 1 inch.    He made them that thick and they look great.  


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