Hello everyone. Hope your having a better day than I. Just joined the Club, and new to power Yacht's. My newly purchased,1972 Commander Flush Deck, has a fuel problem. My new marine mechanic, that shares my marina, is confronting my problems, but needs a diagram of the fuel system. More specifically, the fuel tank crossover diagram. If anyone has a diagram, or could give me a lead, as to where I could find one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jack Latham

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I believe they were the same for all generations of 41/410s

Thank you John. I found that diagram, and hoping to delve deeper, and come up with a factory diagram as well. once found, I will post it, for all to see. Thanks again, Jack Latham

John Mario said:


I believe they were the same for all generations of 41/410s

Jack, I would not waste too much time attempting to locate an official diagram. Not sure if Chris Craft ever actually officially had one specifically for the 41.

The original fuel system layout was very simple. Most boats are no longer even piped exactly the way the originals were. Improved filtration systems and the addition of electric fuel pumps to eliminate the mechanical pumps on many of the boats would make the original diagram somewhat worthless.

I'm somewhat surprised that your mechanic needs one as the three way crossover valve layout is a pretty standard configuration. No magic there, just stbd engine to stbd tank, port engine to port tank, port and strbd engine off port tank and port and stbd engine off of stbd tank.

If you are having fuel starvation issues, be checking the anti-siphon valves in the fuel tank pickup tube. There is a spring ball check in there that tends to collect crap and fuel starvation issues. This is often a sign that it is time to clean the tanks.

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