Hey group,

I have a freshwater 1984 410 Commander.

We found that our blackwater hold tank is leaking.

Horrible find just before the 4th...

Anyway, we are not removing and replacing the aluminum tank at bottom.  We cleaned it all out and are putting a tank on starboard side.

I am putting a 45 gallon one in and we had just replaced the toilets.. The new toilets will actually pump up 4 feet so that is wonderful.  It only actually will have to pump up 17 inches for the new tank.

Has anyone ever had a 410 Commander tank fail.

I was so surprised because its a freshwater boat it's whole life.

We almost removed the old tank but it was just to much work to get it out. I think we will fill it with foam.

Fortunately, I already have my new tank ready to plug n poop ........LOL so I can install it in an hour or less.

And on the 4th with 17 guests... 10 kids and 7 adults.. I think 45 gallons should work for the night.

Anyway, always something but we love love love the cruiser.  Any advise other than the way we are going is appreciated.


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So funny

Yep and guess what.. the 600 bucks i paid for a survey did not catch the ruptured tank.. HMMMMMMM

Jeremy Goldstein said:

I've seen my fair share of leaky and ruptured waste tanks .

I know they are no fun to remove but couldn't ever bring myself to abandon one . No matter how large the boat,  bilge space is always tough to come by or give up. Plus no matter how well you think you cleand a leaking tank, you will forever get whiffs of it and the area under the tank would still  have the leaked raw waste just sitting there.

Regarding using a freshwater tank to supply a head system , this is a nice thing to do.

The biggest reason older marine heads stink are not due to a holding tank but because of stagnant lake/ocean/river water sitting in the bowl for extended periods of time.

By drawing off a fresh water tank you nearly eliminate the source of the stink.

Plus if you want a vacuflush  system , it is necessary to supply pressurized fresh water to it.

However aside from that the old way of using lake/ ocean water to fill the bowl is just fine and has obviously worked for many decades. 

In the surveyors defense,the original location is in a very difficult area to do anything more than a cursory inspection. Moving the boat on a trailer does cause the hull to deform to some extent though not a large amount. Add to this that the boat probably did not have an absolutely vibration free ride and if your tank was marginal to start with, the trip on the trailer was likely enough to do it in.

It is possible that the tank was leak free at the survey. Note that there is a big difference between leak free and being in good condition. You can also have the scenario in which the tank can have holes in the bottom and not leak because the holes are plugged with oxide from corrosion. Any significant movement or pressure could open up the holes.

The original tank would have likely been constructed from aluminum and from a calendar standpoint, was  likely near end of life. Add to this that aluminum in this application is exposed to a very chemically active environment.

This is one of those challenges of purchasing a boat with some age on it. There are things that you can't verify but eventually you discover exactly what you did not know.

I had to replace the original aluminum 65 gallon waste tank on my 1981 381.    It looked fine from the top and sides but the bottom was perforated in at least 2 locations.    My boat has been a Great Lakes boat since new, these tanks corrode from the inside out.   Thankfully the tank on 381 is located centerline ahead of the engines with nothing permanent covering it.    I found a rotomolded 40gal tank that fit the space well, I expect it will last longer than me!

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