410 Commander question - windshield wiper arms & blades

I need to replace the wiper arms on my 78 410 Commander due to loss. Can someone tell me what I need to replace these with? Length, style, etc.?

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This may not help, but the wipers on my 27 (which has a pretty big windshield) are 17" arm, 15" blade.

So, why would they remove your wipers to wash the boat? Doesn't make any sense to me. 

They didn't remove them according to the marina, they fell off when hit with the water pressure.

Are they using a fire hose? lol  You could try the 17/15 for now on one side... make sure you check to see what type of spindle you have (where the arm mounts to the motor shaft), apparently there are several types. Mine have the 1/2 inch drum.

My '74 55' had 3 different sizes when I got her but the one with the 17" arm & 15" blade worked the best so I replaced the other two with that. It seems it doesn't matter the size as long as the spindle is correct & the blades don't hit the edge trim. My 55' has 1/2" round splined spindles & the blade is held in place by the springs. My buddies Chris Craft Lancer has square spindles & the arms are held in place with bolts. The 1/2" round splined spindles are common & redily available. I have a feeling arms with the square spindles with the bolt may be very difficult if not impossible to find.

Yup, and if you damage a spindle, you will be replacing the entire motor. Don't ask me how I know this :(

FYI the part numbers at amequipment.com are:

17" arm for 1/2 inch drum: AMP352-0222  

15" inch flex blade  AMP302-1150

both of these are matte black, I don't think they have silver or stainless, but they can easily be painted with krylon or rustoleum.

I would hazard a guess you have wiper motors like this with a 1/2" spline --------

Wiperman.com is another real good source for hard to find arms & blades. You've already gotten 2 answers that indicate a 17" arm with a 15" blade is the way to go. This combo is going to be 24 1/2" from center of the female spline to the tip of the blade. If this indeed works and does not strike the sides of the windshield with the current arc settings in the motor, how about a different combo that still totals 24 1/2" ?? Say a 14" arm and a 21" blade?? or something like that using available sizes to total the original 24 1/2" OAL wiper & blade ?? Seem like the longer blade would clear more of the windshield with out any downside. This is a question --- Anybody ever try something like this?? Inquiring minds need to know :-)


with a 14" arm and a 21" blade, the inner end of the blade is going to be 3.5" from the pivot. that's bound to cause interference somewhere...

The real improvement to be had is by going to a parallel sweep arm, but the conversion is a little pricey, and you have to drill for another post in the windshield frame.


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I have sovled my wiper problem on the my 1973 410. I bought new wiper arms and blades. Info attached. They are ANCO brand parts. Fit on the 1/2" drum motor shaft  just like the originals with no set screw or bolted clamp. Just a "tang" that engages the bottom lip of the drum on the motor shaft.. Removal  (if ever) would be like the originals....pry them off. I don't see how one would disengage the tang to pull them off easily. Arm length is adjustable (like the 1973 original ANCO) by flipping open a latch on the under side of the wiper arm. No unsightly visibel length adjustment,

Blades attach with a machine screw and nylon insert nut. Not a stocked automotive blade, but can be ordered through an automotove parts store.

Installed them yesterday. No problems.



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