I am considering a 41 Commander MY early '80's vintage.  How does the boat handle at sea and at the dock?  The one I am considering has the original 454's. I know it is not a speed demon, but what are for real numbers for speed and efficiency be?  If the boat is kept to hull speed say 8 or 9 knots will it get 1.5 miles to the gallon?  Are there any particular qwerks to look out for when looking at her?  Thanks!


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Paul, If she has a bridge and lots of stuff up top, be sure you take her out and like the ride. The forty ones with stuff up top ride very differently than say my 42. Many have them and love them. Just be sure you do.

Paul, they're a great calm water boat, a river traveler and a dock entertainment center.   Following one across Lake Michigan was like watching a Spanish Galleon on the high seas.  But comfortable and spacious at anchor.

Tim's version is more accurate. Mine was the kinder gentler version. 

The earlier ones had a slightly lower COG, I think they had less headroom in the engine bilge.

My head can vouch for the low ceilings in the engine room that's for sure 

I think I'll throw my 2 cents in this discussion about ride and handling..  We just made a a 300 mile trip in our new to us 41 it's a 79 and I have to say it's no comparison to our 38 which is a much better hull design for going off shore especially in rough water. The 41 rides well but if I'm going to the bahamas I'm taking the 38 no question about it. I'll just keep hitting my head on the ceiling in the v birth lol

The 41 rides fine as Tim said it's a great river entertainer with HUGE amounts of room for the length and it's perfect for our intended use as a winter cruise aboard and Florida home away from home

And Paul you know what they say regarding fuel consumption, if you have to ask maybe you should reconsider a yacht in the first place because the fuel is really the cheap part

I say go for the 41 if you have no plans to run her in blue water

I take my 410 out to the Chesapeake every year for a coupla weeks, and the lower Potomac a few times a year in addition to that.  She’s a ‘79 model with 454’s (Crusader Gen V, Holley Carbs) & a fly bridge.  No doubt she loves to roll, so I avoid beam seas whenever possible (my first mate Is hypersensitive to roll).  She runs pretty well in a head sea up in 2-3 footers, although it can be a wet ride from the main helm. She’s a handful in a following sea because she likes to roll and yaw, but again up to 2-3 footers keep the first mate off the Prozac (albeit just barely).

As far as fuel burn, I’m afraid there’s no chance whatsoever of 1.5 mpg.  You might be close to 1.5 statute mpg if you slowed to 6 knots without the genny. My planning factor is 12 GPH @ 9 knots, with generator on about half the time. She planes (and I use the term loosely) well @ 14.5-15 kts around 3400-3450 RPM depending on weight, as long as you’re not fighting a headwind. I don’t try to run on plane into a 15kt wind, just too much drag with a Fly. Expect .4-.5 nautical mpg running on plane. Only once did I really, really, really wish I had a bow thruster, just make sure the dock hand ties off that first line securely so you can pivot off of it, the fly is susceptible to the wind.  

But the space...OMG it’s unlike anything else ever built.  Best dock queen ever. Our group of friends spend more time on our boat than we do on my buddy’s 50’ Azimut.  We routinely have 8 people just on the main deck. We run her a LOT, 100+ hrs last 2 seasons, and typically only miss 2-3 weekends each season. Boat is built like a tank, easy to fix, 454 parts are relatively cheap, 360 access to both engines, and costs less than most people’s cars.  We want to do some long range cruising eventually and will trade her in for a better riding diesel boat of some type, but for now she’s perfect. Lemme know if you have any other questions & good luck! - Bruno

Hi Paul,

Good morning.  Just another day in Paradise.  I have 1983 410 and have had it for about 15 years.  Have made several trips on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and had a very good time.  You are correct, they are not speed boats they are cruisers.  We traveled at about 10 knotts and got about a mile+/- per gallon.  The handle well if you head into the seas.  If you get broadside to a swell they are have a pretty good list.  Dock side they handle like a dream.  You can put them anywhere just by working the two 22" screws.  Please feel free to give me a call anytime at 573-552-2901.  Fred

I want to thank everyone for there input. My wife and I have an appointment with the Broker on Saturday Morning.  He says she in a little rough but all there.  I guess I'll find out.  Thanks!

Agree with all the above.  You can do 8 knots at 2000 rpm at a mile per gallon.  Flat top model performs better than the flybridge versions.  Improved hull design in the 1984 and newer ones.  The 41 is a great boat for every need.  In case of weather, you simply extend your vacation by a few days.

Oh...and Paul,  I hope you'll heed this advice...there is no such thing as 'a little rough but still all there'.  If the best 41 on the market is priced at $30,000 more than the rough one...buy the nicest one.  You'll be $100,000 ahead on day one.. Trust me on this.  It will be the difference between a good boating experience and a bad one.

Agree with Paul. I am working through stuff on my 45' that I could have not done had I looked for one that had been better maintained.

BTW look at the 45's if you like the 41'. 45's are a foot wider and obviously 4 feet longer. Feels MUCH bigger, trust me on this. They are diesel powered too.

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