Hopefully someone can help me here.  took apart my exhaust system, risers were completely corroded through and the thermostats in the risers were also corroded stuck.  I heated them up to unstick them but now one appears to be softer (the spring tension) than the other.Two questions here: does it matter? Does anyone know where to get a replacement?

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They're actually not thermostats, they're pressure relief valves. I don't know of where to get them new, they can be cleaned up in many cases, but if you took the tension out of the spring it's probably worth looking for another one. 

Robert, do you still need the valves? I was going thru my spare parts and found 2 along with the straight and the 90degree neck.

Dan Stokely

Dan, I am interested, what are you asking for them?

DSC01978.JPG $40 for all, plus shipping which will be around $10.

Robert M Kerner said:

Dan, I am interested, what are you asking for them?
Dan, my email is rmk818@yahoo.com. I will be glad to call you or email you directly to make payment. Thanks for thinking ad helping me with my situation

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