HI All,

  Sooo,   As you seen in past posts, I'm in the middle of a rehab on this Commander,,,,74, 47 foot.  its been updated PO.   Water lines are still Copper , I have 2 Inlets from the deck.One each side..  I have 2 Poly water tanks, and another for Gray water , Saniflo system, updated.

All the AC Hoses, water Hoses were cut when he removed a Water system which  was for converting salt to fresh,  Don't ask!!!

The AC Pump has 3 outlets from the AC Units,  I have that,  I see the Expansion tank and filter,and Water pump,  There is a water heater of course.

So I'm going to be tracing for the AC Hoses, easy enough,  BUT there are old unused water lines I believe and I'm not sure how water comes into the boat, to be used thru out ..  I want to upgrade to PEX, but I need something as a guide..  I'm usually good with all this but for some reason I'm stumped..

I will NOT need water onboard as I plan on using shore water ,  bottled when out..  I know the pump is for that...but would like to have it for ice maker etc..

The gray tanks need water,  and water heater.   What would the first stretch be to start?  from Deck to Water heater for Hot?,  Cold to Where?

I have a ton of books but like I said, PO changed alot but left old hoses, wires, copper lines, fuel lines...


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Rob, Chris Craft used copper lines for almost everything back in that vintage. Freon lines, fuel lines, both potable and wash down water lines, hydraulic steering lines, even windshield washer lines just to name a few. many lines may have been re-run without removing the old copper lines just due to a lack of access to supports for the old lines so they were just cut off and left. The distribution of shore water should originate in a side cabinet under one of the toe rail mounted shore water connections. usually on the same side as the galley. There you should find pressure reducers, valves allowing you to switch from shore to tank water, valves to allow filling an onboard fresh water tank from your shore water etc. I'd start there and begin tracing. Good luck.

Thanks Kevin, what I'm finding is exactly what you stated, Old lines, Old wiring that even said Not used for bilges,LOL why leave it...
This boat has been updated with the saniflo,and there are old hoses ,What a mess but I'm afraid to rip it out until I know what is what!!!
There are old water intakes in the stateroom and other spots with no reason for being there, The boat has been changed so much from original in the Bilge areas,BUT the old Jabso pumps are still hooked up,LOL
Thanks again

Rob, I'd use the tanks and run off those.  I've seen a boat sink and another boat almost sink because they were directly hooked to the dock water lines.  I'd hook the pumps back up using the tanks as my water source and consider the safety of the boat.

Thanks Byron,

  I have done that.  The pump is working and everything is working. If I use the Shore water, Id never leave it on when we are not there, I always disconnected my last commander whenever we left the marina for a time.


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