8v53 Emergency Shutdown Flapper Assembly frozen open

Does anybody have any suggestions where/how to find this part? My mechanic says it is the rod with a roller pin that needs replacing (attaches to the flapper).  I’ve contacted the below companies and they don’t think they can get the part   Does anybody have a diagram that would show the part numbers?

Diesel Pro Power

Powerline Components 

Diesel Parts Direct 

thanks! Right now the engine runs great, I just want to make sure this is working for safety.  

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This is in our files section.  Maybe it would help??

That's gonna be a boneyard part I would imagine. Or find a good LARGE diesel shop in your area (Baltimore, Ellicott area near the terminals)  and see if they have a cadaver.  Is yours not repairable? Meaning disassemble, clean polish and lube? Its labor hours I know but sometimes that's what it takes. If you have exhausted all other options, find a good fab shop in your area and have one made. Sorry I can't be of more help

Thanks for the help Lee! I think you’re right and finding a replacement will be next to impossible.  I’ll work harder to rehab what I have.  


Most of the time when the dealer says they can’t find an 8v53 part, except for the crankshafts which are now only available rebuilt not new, it’s the same part used on the rest of the 53 series, and half of the 71 series. Every part on the engine is available, half the time they just don’t know it. Ask if they can get a flapper for say a 6v71 or something and see does it work. Probably will. That said you can avoid the easter egg hunt if you can find out the actual part number and have that when you call.

Lee is correct about this part.

While most parts are available for the 8V53, the block, crankshaft, and some of the blower parts are not available since they were unique to the 8V53 only. What complicates this further is that we are dealing with a marine version of the 8V53.

Most of the marine versions of the 8V53 used a special air intake feeding the blower. This was a special aluminum casting to keep the height of the engine down. This varies significantly from the design that was used for the other applications and this is where our part number search sort of ends.

The pdf is a page from my 1994 Detroit Series 53 parts book. If you notice, the 8V53 air shutoff is only a single disc type shutter.

The 6V53 version uses the two rectangular shutters. The 6V53 version is very close in appearance to the marine 8V53 version that you have except the difference in length. The 8V53 blower is significantly longer then the 6V53 blower. If you dig through the part numbers, there are part numbers referenced for the 3.3050 shaft that applies for the 3-53, 4-53, 6V53, 8V53 non-marine versions but none for the 8V53 marine.

The good news is that this is simply a .375in. dia. shaft with 5 -.125in. dia. holes drilled in it. The roll pins, all 5 are 1/8X11/16, a common hardware item. This is a very easy  Bridgeport job and even doable in the home shop with a drill press if some care is used in hole location if a new part really is required.

Getting back to Lee's recommendation to just refurbish it is excellent and the best solution. The air shut off shaft rotates in two bronze bushings, one on each end. These are lightly pressed into the aluminum air intake housing. If the blower still is working well, it is very unlikely that not much more then some penetrating oil will get the shut off working.

To do a full refurbish, I would suggest to remove the intake housing from the blower so that you can work with it on the bench. Drive out the 5 pins and the shaft can be removed. Worst case might require a little heat to loosen it up.

When working with this older equipment, care and patience is the main requirement and the labor to refurbish the shaft will be almost equal to the labor to replace it and be at least $100 cheaper in parts.

My apologies, I’m an idiot, I didn’t realize rebuilding was an option, I thought he had said his part was gone altogether. Upon a re-read I realize it is there but just nonfunctional.

Ron, I am aware the blowers and engines are different lengths, and the intake design varies from engine to engine. But at least from what I’ve seen, the shutdown design is the same. I would bet money that the actual shutdown mechanism with the disc that drops into the air hole in front of the blower to shut off the air supply is probably the same design or close enough as makes no difference.
I am trying to add a picture of the 8v71 shutdown, which looks identical to my 8v53 mechanism, but am unable to add pictures to the thread.
Here the only way I could get the site to let me share a picture was to host it from my own office server. Weird must be something with my browser or something? Anyway, here is the 871 shutdown mechanism. Identical looking to my 853, you would have to measure the discs to make sure, but pretty good chance they're the same or close enough to work. DD used a lot of interchangeable parts:


Alan John's at PowerLine Components was beyond helpful. He was able to find the right parts based on the serial number on my blower. See below for a list of the flapper parts. They are all available (I have not gotten everything to verify it yet, and in fact I am going to try reusing some parts and just replacing the Cam and Handle)

Line #

Part Number- Serial



Unit Weight

Unit Price

Extended Price






$ 99.25

$ 99.25




Valve, V71


$ 20.86

$ 41.72




Seal Ring, Manifold Hh Cover


$ 2.06

$ 4.12






$ 7.82

$ 7.82






$ 8.31

$ 8.31






$ 11.85

$ 11.85






$ 7.22

$ 7.22






$ 4.96

$ 4.96






$ 44.98

$ 44.9

Oh, so looking at the part numbers, exactly like I thought, it’s the same as on a 8v71?

 Nice to know this broken clock can still be right twice a day LOL

It looks like that but I can't confirm it. The serial number on my blower is 5134138 ARROW

Yeah they're the same. I just dropped a bunch of those part numbers into google and all they come back with a bunch of parts house listings showing them as fitting the 71 series. You will find a lot of the bolt-on stuff on the 8v53 are the same parts as on a 71.

Like I said before, every part on these engines is available from DD with the exception of the crankshafts which are backordered and only available reman'd. The problem with many parts guys now is you have to do their work for them and order everything by part number. Otherwise they like to blow you off and say they can't find it in the computer. You are lucky you found a good one, he clearly takes pride in his work and helping people. I will 110% be using him next time I need something.

For whatever it's worth, I'm the only one here who has just done a full rebuild on my starboard 8v53 and am about to start on my port engine. If anybody knows firsthand what parts are available on these engines at this particular time, it's me. No offense to these other guys, but this is a hypothetical discussion for them. I just went through buying most of the parts on the engine. That and I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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