High folks,

Just wanted to check with the group to see if anyone on a couple of items- this group has always been so helpful!

First, Lisa and I are new-sih liveaboards and I have not yet been able to fill my fresh water tank. The owner before me disconnected so many lines I am working my way through one by one. I can fill the rear fill spout but I think the line is disconnected at the tank where it runs to the pump. We just had new carpet put in and it I fear this disconnects under that at the foot of our Queen Size bed. So that is an un-do I have to undertake to check this. My question is has anyone ever heard of these tanks failing or rusting out? If so it would appear that my only choice is to remove both fuel tanks and replace the freshwater tank :( Any thoughts on the tank failing- I am hoping this is just a bad hose...

2) I would like to remove the lower steering helm as it leaks and I found a great rebuilder in Florida and I want to have it rebuilt like I did with my flybriddge. What I cannot figure out is how to access this? It is behind the center fiberglass column and when I look inside under the dash it appears that it is built in a steel frame- Did they never think we might have to repair these? Any thoughts or guidance would help.

Lastly, it is 19 degrees here in Knoxville tonight can someone please find Spring and send it over :)

Thanks folks!

John & Lisa

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Not sure on a 410 but on a 45, inside the cabin there is a large mirror on the back  wall starboard side ( you know in front of the helm?) It hinges and lifts up from the bottom allowing enough room to climb in there!  Hoping the 41 did the same.


Unfortuanetly no.

The early 41 flush deck models had nothing. You had to go in from the cockpit side. The 410 versions do have a small door. One that is small enough that I would considered it barely adequate.

As far as the water tank, the early models used a fiberglass tank that is part of the keel and hull. These would bow up and raise the storeroom floor up if the tank became pressurized. This would usually happen if the tank valve was left open to dock water pressure. I think the later models used a poly tank.

The stern water fill is a gravity line straight into the tank. Should be around 1.25 In. hose going from the fitting to the tank. I seriously doubt if the previous owner would have disconnected it as you would need to pull the floor up to get to it. It is a 100 gal. tank so it would take a lot of water to fill it. The pump inlet side is on the other end by the bulkhead.

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