I have a 1980 410 Commander with 454 crusader engines. While coming into port I notice the Alternator light on the dash  had come on for the portside engine and the gauge indicated it was not charging. The next day I took the direct reading from the alternator, again it indicated it was not charging. I pulled off the alternator, had it rebuilt at a shop and put it back on the engine. I'm getting voltage from the alternator and charging the starting battery, however, the dash light has still not gone off. The voltage meter reads between 13 and 14 volts of output. Any ideas as to why the light remains on? 
Vince Reynolds

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Not sure on all years and brands of alternators but the function was that the light was fed 12V from the ign.-the current would flow through the bulb to the regulator which would tell it the key was on and to start charging once the engine was running. That terminal  on the regulator supplies a ground when the altrnator is NOT charging thus the bulb is on------when the alternator is charging the terminal switches to 12V thus the bulb with no ground will go out. Some alternators may start charging at high RPM without this sense wire active and some are refered to 1 wire alternators and do not need a 12V trigger to energize----your alternator may have been rebuilt as a 1wire unit.----check with your rebuilder as to which terminal goes to the light and/or if he converted the alt. to a 1 Wire unit ------now with the light still on--- the wire between the regulator/alternator must be grounded somewhere-this would put the light on and not allow the 12V to get the regulator to indicate the ignition was on.



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