Is or was in may case the anti-siphon valve located above the fuel tank prior to the shut off valve, or inside the tank pick up tube. I find no evidence of a valve or is there a small hole in the pick up tube to brake a free flow situation it it ever occurred

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Captain Tom

Your anti-siphon device is inside the original fuel tanks you have . It is a brass carb jet (nominal .005 )screwed into a fitting at the top of the pickup tube . This is a design that works with mechanical fuel pumps only . If you have converted to electric fuel pumps the fuel flow is disturbed with cavitation into the electric fuel pump which will cause flow issues ( lean ) under load . 




Thanks for your reply, I do recall reading a older response from you about a 0.005 jet on the pickup tube I recently replaced a mechanical fuel pump that I believe was good and we had a heck of a time getting it to prime likely since the the suspect mechanical pump had pulled the line dry. I either had something in the pickup tube or a restriction in the anti-siphon orifice. I guess I have pull the pickup tube and inspect

Captain Tom

Instead of pulling the pickup tube consider using air pressure ( bicycle hand pump ) at the fuel pump inlet fitting to backflush the fuel line . If clear you should hear air bubbles at the fuel fill neck with the cap off . 

Are both of your fuel vent screens clear of debris on the hullside ? The anti-syphon orifice is not your hard starting issue . I have never seen or heard of the orifice get plugged  . A nice design from back in the day .



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