Hello CCCC Family, 

What product do you suggest is best for sealing the wood trim outside? 

See attached photo for location. 

Last time I used stain and about 5 layers of PolyUrethane but it got wrecked from the sun over 4-5 years. Is there anything that lasts longer than PU? 

I have a 72' Commander. 

Thanks for your thoughts in advance. 


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Every three weeks? If that's my option, yeah it's getting painted. I've got better things to do than polish my wood all the time. 

Paul Cavenaugh said:

I was going to avoid this thread altogether.  (Nice looking wood on that 38 Commander by the way).  However...As for Jesse,  5 YEARS???  5 YEARS????  !!! Thanks to your posting Jesse,  I must now go to Confession!

Your Penance should be Brand New Teak,  Kept Natural.  Utilizing Teak Wonder Cleaner, followed by 2 coats of Teak Wonder Sealer.  Every 3 weeks FOR ETERNITY!  It will always look beautiful!

Jesse,  do yourself a favor.  Go Cheap.  PAINT OVER IT.    

Jesse, my toe rail looked very similar to yours last week. Mine was done at some point with Cetol, but not kept up, hence the peeling. Mine had a mix of all three cetol colors, plus gloss coats in parts.I bought a gallon of Cetol Natural Teak to recoat.

I got about half way through stripping off all of the remaining stuff that was stuck on there and just sort of quit when I ran out of time. The stuff under the canvas was actually in pretty good shape and didn't want to come off. I'm on the second coat and I'm pretty impressed with it. It goes on a little bubbly and with visible brush strokes (probably user error), but it levels out really quickly.

My toe rail is splitting in some places, but I have neither the time, money, nor inclination to have new ones made up, so I got as much old Cetol as I could with the time I had available and just sort of went to town. You don't need to tape since it doesn't run much and is easy to wipe up with a mineral spirits dampened rag.

If I had it to do again I'd have gone with the marine color on the toe rail to hide the various generations of fixes and defects. If you need to use Famowood to repair things (I did), get a darker color than what they call "oak/teak". The light color on the lower left of the forward quarter picture is the repaired spot. If you do use Famowood, make sure to sand off as much as possible. I didn't and also used it to fill some missing screw caps. You can definitely tell those are plugs, but again, this boat is far from a showpiece and I'm not too worked up about it. I'm just glad it's not the peeled, half gray mess it was before. Another coat and I think it's going to look pretty good.

The first coat took me about 3 hours, including the swim platform, with about half of it being bare, extremely dry wood. Second coat took about an hour and a half and I've used about half a gallon so far. I'll try to remember to take a picture from about 10 or 15 feet away tomorrow. The patches and whatnot aren't particularly visible.

Update on the second coat, it's dried nicely and blends pretty well (bearing in mind Thursday's photos were only about an hour after it'd been laid down and was still wet).

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