Hi everyone, I want to add a third aluminum tube from the bilge to the bridge on my 35. The tube on the Starboard side is packed full of wires, and has no room for other cables. I have a chart plotter, and a couple of other items on the bridge that need cables run to the bilge. I currently have them in the steering cable tube, but I am very concerned they will be damaged by the constant movement of the steering cables. I bought another piece of aluminum tube, and plan to add it to the port side, just wondering what kind of challenges I may be up against?  I am wondering if anyone has done this already?

I welcome any thoughts.


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I notice you have the express bridge. My Sport Cruiser has wire chases on both sides of the bridge as well as the steering tube. The PO has some speaker wires running up the tube which bothers me. I am looking to clean that up also.

Yes, you are right , I have a '69 express. I purchased a length of 3 x 1.5" aluminum tube. I cut (2) 2" pieces off, and mounted them to and extendable slide system. I plan to use this setup to locate the position of the holes I will need to cut in the deck and ceiling. There is simply no room in the other channel, and to continue to use the steering cable tube seems like a problem waiting to happen. At least speaker wire is easy and cheap to replace if necessary. Depth transducer cables are a different story.

On our 41 we had the same issue so our fix was to build a larger extended cover for the original tube now we have plenty of room for any future expansion 

Thanks Chris, that is also an excellent thought. I will keep that in mind. Appreciate the response.

chris said:

On our 41 we had the same issue so our fix was to build a larger extended cover for the original tube now we have plenty of room for any future expansion 

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