Chris Craft "Q" closed cooling or Freshwater system. I have all the parts in great shape. No longer have a Q motor so need to let this go.

If anyone has an interest I need to let these go  I think i paid $350 for it and never got to install it.  I will get some picture this weekend anyone have an interest?

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Ken, the engine  in the  picture  is a 327F, a simple  replacement  would  be  a  350. I  think  it may  be  a reverse  rotation  engine  


ken schmithorst said:

Thanks, I am in process of negotiating the purchase of a 27 commander with rebuilt 350Q jasper marine engine..  I am assuming this system will work.  Will engine need to be pulled?  Any other thoughts on this conversion? 

I have been told I have an F not a Q.

Phil Davis said:

I would need a picture of it in the boat.  The "Q" is a unique beast.  This will bolt right up to the Flywheel forward Q but would take a little creativity to get it in a boat that does not have a "Q".   The exchanger will work on anything  its just how the expansion tank and Thermostat housing all ties in.  If that first picture is the boat, i do not believe it is a Q.  Let me find a picture of a Q someplace.  hopefully one with the exchanger on it.

Hi Phil,

I was just running through some old classifieds and saw this. I know it is from back in May, but do you still have it? I have a 327QL.



Phil Davis said:

I added pictures last night.  I hope they came through.  If anything is missing it is probably in my shed but I think that is all of it.

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