Or---- Farewell to flat cap blues !! At least for 283F & 327F engine owners. Owners of 27's, 31's, & 35's with these engines know (or should know) that the flat type distributor cap on these engines is out of production and existing stock of these caps has dried up --- In other words, if you need one you are in a world of hurt. New distributors are an expensive answer, but then what about the mechanical drive original tachs? No matter how you approach this problem, it is gonna require a serious outlay of cash :-(
Three members of the club collaborated  to solve this problem. Tim Gressett of Florida started the ball rolling by coming up with a unique replacement using a Chrysler cap. Chris Hebert of Texas supplied pictures of his 31 with a different cap and did some subsequent research and came up with a Sierra cap & rotor number that could be made to work with some modifications, and I, from the frozen north, did a little design & engineering work on the modifications. I machined 4 spacers to use on these caps and then had a machine shop make 40 more.The finished result is currently on one one of Tim's engines and is running fine.
The club has decided to offer these in a kit to interested members who need a spare or new cap. The price is very nominal, and will generate a small profit for the club which will help keep us dues free. There is even a video showing how to install the modification kit on a distributor.
The whole development story behind this, while lengthy, is an interesting example of the value of collaboration and is a PDF attachment to this post.  FAREWELL to distributor cap blues !! :-) 
All the details, video and ordering information are available by clicking on this link:
PS -- If you read the development story in the link above or the attachment to this post, remember to scroll down all the way to the end of the PDF file.
I Just put those new caps on both engines.  Amazing response.  Almost every issue I’ve had on these engines has centered on those darned caps.  At least now I can start each season off fresh!
Again, Thanks.  Daniel Neher

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Hi Ed,

Thanks!!  Your order for 2 kits will be mailed soon.

Edward Grabow said:

just in case any one is wondering if I made a mistake, I didn't . I wanted to order 2 kits but had to do them one at a time, thanks Ed Grabow


am i too late on this?   I don't want to be crabby, but i need to be! 

Hi Daniel,

The special offer of the one is no longer available - Only one available - special offer if ordering only one http://commanderclub.com/forum/topics/more-stuff-from-morland-s-sho...

We apologize for not updating  the post.  However, we still have the modification kits available that do not have the cap and rotor.  Each kit modifies one distributor.

The order details are at the bottom of this link:http://commanderclub.com/page/distributor-cap-conversion-kit-327f-283f

Daniel Neher said:


am i too late on this?   I don't want to be crabby, but i need to be! 

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