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The Commander Club has truly lost one of the greatest that lived in our world of boating. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Dick “Pappy” Morland this morning, December 7, 2019. One of the original founding members of the club, Dick will always be remembered for so many contributions to the club and its members worldwide.  Whether it was coming out to a member’s boat in the dead of winter to work on a project or on a Sunday morning early to save a weekend for his friends, Dick was always willing to assist with an issue and never taking any money.  Sometimes he was just simply on the other end of the phone line giving advice.  There was never a time he didn’t make himself available for his friends. You just cannot put enough words together to accurately describe the talent, knowledge, and ability this man had. Today? We know he’s in a better place, sipping that God Awful thing he called a Bombay Sapphire Martini rolling his eyes at this post and saying “Get on with it”. That’s just Dick. 

Thank you, Dick, for touching the lives of so many of us – We will miss you.

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Plans are for a celebration of life at a later date to be scheduled.
Cards may be sent to his wife and soulmate of 57 years Patty Morland, 1284 Pappas Ct., Elgin, IL 60123

Dick Morland

  • Commander Model: 1969 38', 1970 47'
  • Serving the Club in a Leadership position: 1999 - 2005, 2011-2015
  • Archivist, Founding Member, Chief Commander
  • A SuperDisc top 10 poster list member for 16 years and the top poster for 3 of those years.
  • Hosted 2005 Michigan City, IN rendezvous.

More on Dick:  Click to go to Dick's My Page,  Hall of Fame 2008Cap Modification Kit

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I had the pleasure to meet Dick and Patty in person at the Kent Island meet.  Dick has always shared his knowledge and wisdom unselfishly with others.  I am happy to say Dick was my friend. Godspeed Dick!

Heartbroken when I learned that Dick Morland passed away. 

Dick was one of those persons who managed to be an expert in many ways but still humble to ideas and perspectives put forward by others. It is easy to attribute his wealth of knowledge to a long life and long experience, but there is more to it. Dick was curious and always interested in learning new things. Unlike many in his age class he was never intimidated by new technology in general, and IT in particular. We served four years together on the CCCC Executive Committee, he as Chief Commander and I as Webmaster. On many occasions we had lengthy conversations on Skype about IT-issues, both relating to the Club's business, but also about other things he wanted to learn about. In this context I often found myself on the giving end rather than the receiving end, but he always amazed me with both the depth and width of his knowledge in this field as well.

Due to the fact that we lived our lives on different sides of the Atlantic we only met in person on four occasions, all of them Rendezvous related.  First time was in Bradenton, Florida, 2004 when he and many others made sure that I, as the only international visitor, felt right at home. I am for ever grateful for that. If it would not had happened chances are I wouldn't have come back and I wouldn't have served on the EC 12 year and wouldn't have made so many new friends.

The last time I met Dick and his wonderful wife Patty was at the CCCC rendezvous in Mentor, July 2018. In spite of being forced to use his electrical scooter to get around he was curious as ever, going out on the docks to inspect the visiting Commanders and to talk to all visiting members.

My wife Malin and I had breakfast with Dick and Patty on the last morning of the rendezvous. It seems like yesterday. And now he is gone. Our condolences go to Patty, close family and friends. I will keep all happy memories of Dick close to my heart.

/ Alarik

Alarik's comment about Dick always being "curious" and looking for a better way reminded me of something that still sits on my desk as a reminder they need to be installed. Besides the Mallory cap modification process, Dick always looked for a way to "better the wheel' ( Not re invent it)  I give you the 38 Commander Stuffing box mods he made me. Instead of the long cotter pins that were originally designed and a pain to reinstall after a few uses, Dick and "Patty Wagon Engineering" as labeled on the sides, Tapped the holes on the top half of the packing nut, and machined a non threaded shoulder on a bolt so that you could remove the bolt and adjust to the next hole as needed. Just one of the many "better ideas" he came up with in his laboratory. 

So sad when I say the email. Dick has helped me out countless times over the past few years and had a few nice phone calls with him. This is such a big loss. =(

I received the link to Dick's online obituary and Guest Book

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Very sad day. RIP Dick. Condolences to family and friends. 

Ditto on everything said about this man.  First cabin person .  

God bless he and his family.



I never met Dick in person, but we talked many times over the phone the last several years.    Dick owned a 38 Commander like mine and was super helpful always willing to assist me with posts or when I called him.  The last time we talked late this summer he was laying in a hospital bed.   He took my call (I didn't realize he was there at the time).   Upon answering he was bright and breezy downplaying the seriousness of his condition when I inquired.  Despite being in a hospital bed he gladly answered all my questions.   I offered to call at another time, but he wanted to help me right then.    We shared a 20 minute conversation where we talked about my engine repower.

When I first bought my boat he offered several rare parts I needed and lots of advice on what to do in the restoration.     He will be greatly missed and what a treasure he was.    God bless him.


He was such a nice guy. He sent me parts a couple times (we had the same boat, he sold his but still had spares) and was just incredibly nice about everything. I’m really sad to hear this.

Very sad to read this... I only ever talked to him on the phone when I was having problems with my Sportsman... but I'll never forget him saying... "do you know how special of a boat you have?"... it's things like that that make it all worthwhile.  Rest easy sir!

I feel I am one of the luckiest people to have know Dick Morland almost my entire life. He was my father's best friend and became one of mine over the years. He helped me in all aspects of life . Any questions about anything he was there to help and guide me. 

Nowadays people have Hey Google and Alexa but my wife and I always had a "let's call Dick"

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