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throttle cables

Time to pull my hair out!!

before i put it away last fall  (1984 33.3 commander) i had popped my port throttle cable. Does anybody have any information as to how to repair it. If i could get a schematic of assembly and how to repair or where to purcha

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Trans oil pressure?

I got to replace the sketchy total command gauges. Plan on going digital eventually. But I just got to get this thing going for now.why did Chris craft use 0-400 oil pressure gauges. From everything I read a 0-200ish would work? It's hard to find mat

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1 Reply · Reply by Tim Miller on Wednesday
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Hull Thickness

 I know there have been plenty of threads questioning the thickness of Chris Craft Hulls, Her is one more. My son os cutting up a 1974 Chris Craft 25' Tournament Fish. This is the Hull just aft of the engines.10995355458?profile=RESIZE_710x10995355292?profile=RESIZE_710x

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1 Reply · Reply by Byron Smith Mar 9
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Lancer engine box

10992921872?profile=RESIZE_710xHi gang,

I thought I'd post one more question before the end. The engine box in my 74 Lancer is not original, in fact it looks like something that was thrown together with some old pallets and other scrap wood.

If I understand correctly up through 73 t

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5 Replies · Reply by Craig Wilson Mar 9
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Chart Plotter Placement

My chart plotter has been in the overhead console for the last 6 years, but now I have progressive lenses, which means I need to look out the bottom of my glasses to read. I don't like the idea of looking that bend in my neck everytime I look at the

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5 Replies · Reply by Rob Slifkin Feb 27
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