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Tachometer replacement

I am experiencing sporadic operating tachs on my bridge. They stick at times  or one will read 1000 to 1500 rpm's lower from actual.  Then on other days they will work perfect. My boat is a 1979 so I think it's probably time to replace them but I'm n

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Red Alert Cancelled>>

By blowing throught the hose, hearing before finding, put ear on cockpit hatch scupper hole and got an ear full of air! so the big hose is the drain for the hatch... It went directly into bildge so we are now installing a stainless through hull to dr

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Water Pressure Issue

I had the original Galley Maid fresh water pump on my 55 that wasn't shutting off. So I bought a Flojet pump to use while I was refurbishing the Galley Maid. Installed it and it's doing the same. Cycles on then shuts down for less than 5 minutes then

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HI Everyone,

   I have a 1974  47ft Commander with F bridge.   I want to take the Canvas and glass off and put something up?   Does anyone have the same model and a winter cover for that area?  Really not a cover but a plain canvas just to keep the el

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