31 commander generator

anybody have pictures of generators mounted in a 31 commander?  I recently picked up one and was wondering the best spot


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  • Will it fit between the engines? That is where it is on my 35' CCC.  It is heavy and I feel it would need to be along the centerline.

  • No pictures available at the moment, but ours is parallel to and located on the longitudinal centerline, between the transmissions; just forward of the fuel tanks.

  • Mine was installed by previous owner between original fuel tanks. Not a great pic. I sold boat.10994631281?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • What generator do you have? I don't think the 6.5 Kohler used in the 35s could find room in a 31.

  • It's a westerbeke 6.0bcgtc I like the idea between the tanks was just worried about the ride10994695897?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Where is your water? 15 or 20 gallons under each fwd bunk should be more than enough to offset the weight.  Might try waterline pictures with the genny weight at the proper location on deck and see what weight forward is required for balance. At that point it's all about what  are the balances of fuel,  water consumption, the fat guy that keeps moving, trim tabs etc. ;)


  • My parents had a 1967 31 Commander Express HT, it had a 4kw Onan MCCK mounted between the fuel tanks.

  • I have a 5kW BCD Westerbeke that was on board when we bought the boat. It's a 3 cylinder diesel. It was installed in the center all the way back against the transom. A little hard to get to the backside but we were able to replace the starter without to much trouble. We have a 12 gallon diesel fuel tank custom made that is below the engine room floor boards positioned as far aft and between the main tanks. The generator battery is above the tank between the main tanks.

    I was skeptical of the weight being so far aft at the transom but it's only 325lbs and I don't really notice any issues with it being there with the running. Our 30 gallon fresh water tank is under the v berth so that might be offsetting some of the weight. It's easily accessible from the lazzarette hatch.10995118690?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Owned a 31' Commander in the mid 80's. Not alot of room to work with, so I bought a 2000 watt Honda and set it on the swim platform. It ran the hot water, coffee maker, toaster and battery charger. The 1500 watt appliances we ran separately, so we did not risk overload.  Worked great, not to noisy. 

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