Air Conditioner power supply

I have a 1984 333 commander  - the air was working just fine, i got cought in a mild storm with some 3 footers bouncing me all over the place. when i finally docked and hooked up my shor power, my Air Water Pump would not work.My manual says check the breaker or Fuse."WELL" that is my question, Where in the hell are those. The only fuses i have are on my lower station and the actual control panel has no breakers just the off and on switch's or can that bouncing destroy my water pump for the air Conditioner - Sound Dumb but im clueless and i "NEED" my air 

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  • Did you check the pump and verify that it is not getting power?  (listen or feel for any pump noice/hum)

    I ask because it may be running but lost it's prime.

  • Thanks for the reply- "IF" it's running how would I prime it -guessing pull off a hose and manually fill it- or pushing water in from a discharge line 

  • Use a garden hose to force some water up the discharge and prime it. BTDT

  • After my first experience of this I installed a swing-check valve on the inlet. Several years later with a strainer added above the water line and a tee with a bibcock fitted with a male quick connect between the strainer and the pump I removed the check which was an impediment to winterizing, we remain in water year-round. If prime is lost, connection with container or shore water to the quick connection quickly restores flow.. 

  • Survey says - you lost prime.    When the boat is hauled next ensure you have a forward facing scoop strainer on the AC water through hull, this will help prevent the situation.    Also ensure the pump is installed below the waterline and ideally the water lines run in a constant uphill from pump to AC unit and ideally to the outlet through hull as well.

  • On the AC(120v/60Hz) panel those switches are circuit breakers.  Is the pump running, listen and feel it?  Likely if you were bouncing that bad you have an air lock in the water line and the pump needs to be primed. 

  • Not enough info yet. 

    1) Do you have multiple units (AC) if so there is a trigger box (Pump relay box) If not go to #2

    2) Pumps drop like flies. While someone starts the unit, feel the pump. If it's running it lost prime in the storm.  Add a swing check valve (available at lowes) inline hose from Sea valve to Pump. (Be sure to watch flow arrow)

    Hope this helps


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