chris craft in Bass Pro

I was in my somewhat local Bass Pro on sunday and finally focused on the nautical decor. It probably came from one of the marinas a stones throw away10943743298?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • It's a 28 Sports Express, just like mine. Too bad it's sitting there and not being used.

  • Looks to be in nice shape.  Sadly, even in nice shape, it doesn't take much to make our boats worth less than the cost of disposal.  Mine was still new and unsold in 2020, but after sitting decades the engines were doubtful.  A member here said he looked at it and passed, and they weren't asking much money.  I passed on another 31' with new engines, that needed a lot of cosmetic and hardware work.  Not worth the time it would have taken.  Lots of similar boats sit abandoned.

  • Bass Pro Shops are the worst  

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