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Hello all. 
i purchased a 19xx 36 commander "Americana". There is no HIN on the transum, and it was assigned a state number.  The only numbers I could find inside was 594 537 NET 22.  Any info on correct year of the boat?  Previous owner doesn't have any details. She is in the water, and running good. Restoring the interior, little by little. Thanks in advance!11151320863?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • That number is the Coast Guard documentation number, depending on your state it may be of interest to renew it.  A search should provide answers.  I don't know if that number can be searched backwards or not, maybe the Coasties could help. 

    You don't have a hull card riveted to an engine hatch? Often the numbers will be stenciled on the inside of the hull in various locations such as the forepeak anchor locker.

  • I just checked your profile and see this is a mid 80s boat. There is a very good article about deciphering HINs in the current club magazine. 

  • Thank you for the info. I will check w USCG. By what I have seen, comparing models, I also believe it to be mid 80's (85/86). Previous owner claimed 86, but paperwork states 77.  I've looked for the HIN and so far have not found it. I will look in the anchor locker.  Thanks again!

  • Based on the September 1, 1978 version of the US vessel register scanned on Google, this is what I was able to get:

    Official Number 594537

    Vessel Name: Paroni

    Gross Tonnage: 22

    Net Tonnage: 18

    Length: 36.0

    Breadth: 13.0

    Depth: 2.3

    Hull: F

    When Built: 1977

    Where Built: Pomano Beach, FL

    Service: Yct

    Name of Owner: Schroeder, Andres Maesd

    Home Port: San Juan, PR

  • Awesome!  I appreciate the info. Now we really know what we have.  Thank you guys for the help.  Now, to keep on restoring the interior, and give her  some new life! 

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