ignition wiring on my TSF 30 project.

Hi all ,

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on my ignition issue. I installed fuel injected Mercury Horizons in the boat with new Hurth 63A down angle gears.  i wired the ignition key with power, ignition, and start wire . When i turn the key the fuel pump comes on but the starter dosnt turn. (either Engine ) if I jump them  with a screw driver they start and run. both starters are new.

Am I missing something? Is there another wire i need to land at the ignition or possibly a nuetral saftey switch issue. I do not see a connection / lead  from the engine to land for the nuetral safety although it must have one? its a standard 10 pin harness. I bought the engines with out Transmisions and bought the gears new. 

Also have the Paragons running take outs if anyone is intrested. 


Any help would be great.



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  • Hey John - depending on the ECM model sometimes there are pins that need to be jumped for use in older boats. If you can provide more information about the engines and the ECM model I could look at some wiring diagrams and provide better advice. Nice to see a fellow New Englander on the forum!

  •  Hi John

    It's possible you have a voltage drop betweeen the starter and the ignition. Modern computerized engines need 12 volts to start. We just went through this with my son's boat. He replaced an older 150 HP Merc 2 stroke with a 2015 150 HP Merc 4 stroke. Everything worked and he had 12.4 volts at the ignition. Starter just clicked. He could jump it straight from the battery, and it would run fine. Finaly replaced the 4 gauge positive starter wire with 2 gauge wire. The boat is runnung like a champ. The voltage drop in the 4 gauge wire had the compter outsmarting itself.

  •  All ,/ John

    Thanks for the replies ,

    I dont have a ton of info on the engines they were removed from a 34 Sea Ray that had a gally fire. Serial Numbers are engine #1 M311492

    Engine #2  M311493 . Hurth gears are brand new 63A down angles. . I see the connection on the gears for the Nuetral safty but dont see a lead off the engines. I got to beleive they have a safety switch set up but since the PO. kept the original gears i have no reference point. I tried to look up the engines by the serial number but its confusing. the shop where i bought the transmissions was able to look up the service records and told me they have been on extended warranty and profesionally maintained through out their lifetime. I was told hours somewhere around 400 but have not had the ECM reveiwed to verify. 

    The ignition harnesses are Brand new as well and have full power to the engines.

    On my pacemaker alglass there was a lead hanging next to the Starter leads that I could connect or connect together to create normally closed condition and allow start. 

    Three wire Ignition Should Start by any of the diagrames I can look up unless some one knows otherwise. 

    Any Help would be greatly Aprieciated. 

  • I believe there is a number on the ECM  I'll have to look. Engines are clean and all original quality control/ parts numbers stickers are on the engine parts and in tact.



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