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10992921872?profile=RESIZE_710xHi gang,

I thought I'd post one more question before the end. The engine box in my 74 Lancer is not original, in fact it looks like something that was thrown together with some old pallets and other scrap wood.

If I understand correctly up through 73 the boxes were plywood covered in vinyl like the floors but starting in 74 when they went to molded fiberglass floors they also made the engine box out of 'glass.

This is a partial of the correct one, I need any and all photos and/or dimensions that you might have showing an oem box from that time period so that I can make an accurate reproduction.

Many thanks once again.



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  • Mine was reproduced by the previous owner, and cabinet grade materials and marine vinyl. It is a lift off lid/cushion on top and a surrounding box. If it's something you would like pics and measurements I'd be happy to, but I'm not sure it's a "Purist Reproduction" but dang it's nice. Let me know! If you want to text direct I can send you a couple pics right away.  PS: mine is a '73 23' with a 350Q Inboard


  • Thanks Lee, I believe the wood/vinyl would be correct for 1973, in 1974 they changed to molded fiberglass which is what mine should be. I would love to get the dimensions of an original fiberglass box. Thanks for the help.

  • Craig,

    Here is my box. If you want dimmensions let me know


  • Hi  all,

    I believe I have come up with a plan for this project.

    Lacking actual measurements from an original fiberglass box I'm going to construct one using the photo above and a little "by guess and by gosh" will reproduce the shape and size out of styrofoam. I will then glass over the outside followed by gelcoat. I can then hollow out the inside as needed to fit over the engine but leaving as much foam as possible for sound control. As you know all modern foam board is heat and fire retardent so I don't have to worry about this being a fire hazard. I'll post pictures once I get started.

  • Lee,

    Is your engine box wood or fiberglass?


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