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  • Thanks Charlene..!

  • 38's are pretty simplistic design. There is only one inlet (Unless one has been added by a P/O)  There is no main breaker from the inlet to the breaker panel. (One should be added). There is a transfer switch if there is a Gen onboard. Power goes from the Inlet, through Transfer switch, to the breaker (Distribution) panel which is an old Square D household box if original. (White/Black/Green) and splits inside the box.

    Wiring color code is traditional household. Black is Load (from each breaker to it's designated circuit) White is Neutral, all tied together in a buss bar in the dist panel, and green (If equipped) is ground. 

    Hope this will help you. If you have any specific questions to your boat, I'm happy to help. 



  • Thanks Lee.

    Something screwy is going on. To start... on board was an adapter to plugin a 120vac extention cord to the 30 amp (or 50) shore plug on the boat. Used that and it tripped my ac breaker.  So I wired a 120vac suicide cord to backfeed into a 120vac house receptical and got most of the ac in the boat to work.

    There are (4) panels. Two (2) main small switch boxes. One Square D that has the mains jumped together so both sides of the breakers are most likely 120vac. Then, there's another large Square D that has (2) separate main feeds indicating 220vac. I haven't pulled the covers off the main boxes and followed the leads yet.

    Do you happen to know where the DC fusing system is on this boat?  All of my 12Vdc is dead. Can't find a fues panels as yet. Someone has added mish mash wiring to this boat of course. To be expected. Can't even get the bildge pump to work as yet. And, I have good batteries.

    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated...


  • Chief Commander

    The second large square D breaker box with two leads is probably your 12v. My 42 Had 2 heavy red wired feeding that panel.

  • Huh... so I didn't know you could use those types of breakers with 12vdc..?  Hmmmm... that would make more sense.

  • Chief Commander

    I'd never seen them used with 12V before either, but amps are amps. My '69 42 does have a 30 amp breaker for the shore power from the factory, as well as a 60 for the generator. I've since added another 30 and split the pannel. 

  • Pat,

    If it's 38 SEDAN the 12 fuses (Large weird ones)  are behind the helm in the cabinet in the lower salon. (Side by side cabinets it's the right side) If it's a 38 express it's behind the cabinet in the galley (Back side of helm) Also fuses. 

    Sounds like a real mess. I don't know of any 38's with 220VAC service. But somebody may have changed it. UGH.... Good Luck

  • MInes an Express.

    Well that's what I was thinking... amps are amps but never seen that. It has to be for the 12vdc systems cause I can't find any other panels. Nothing's market, accept the wire numbers.

    Well will see what's going on shortly cause I'm gonna get out there this morning and use a signal tracer from the batteries to that panel box and see if the (2) large red wires going into the mains are 12v. The mystery continues... lol

  • Also, I bet the other square D panel that has one (1) large red cable coming in, then jumped so both sides of the breakers are common is 120vac. Single phase. Why anyone would go to the trouble of putting in those panels and not labeling the breaker circuits is puzzling. 

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