SeaStar Steering Installation Commander 38

I will have to do this in order to complete my re-wire and Salon build out so I figured I would contribute a tech article on the process

Nice Write up on steering/geometry

Aside from rudder travel (which I will have to measure for my 38) and helm displacement (it appears the 2.0L cu. in/rev pump will give me 5 turns lock to lock) the installation looks pretty straitforward.  Since I couldn't find a write up I will document here.

Parts list (Subject to change):

Dometic SeaStar Inboard Cylinder Inboard Cylinder,BA150-7ATM

Dometic SeaStar Rear Mount Helm SS HELM 2.0 RM ORB

Parker MSXL Hydraulic Hose for Steering 1500 psi

  • Parker Hose is similar (maybe the same) as the seastar but I can source locally
  • minimum bend radius is 2.5" so I should be able to make the run to the rudders with almost no interruptions

I will add a "return" line in case I ever install autopilot, also a bypass on the cylinder itself can aid in annual maintenance or bleeding as needed.


Did have one question though for the community.  My 38 is a diesel conversion so I removed the water tank on the transom (wasn't doing me any favors) and have the left over framing.  I starting pulling it apart but figured I would triple check that it isn't at all structral.  It appears (at least to me) that the 2x6 strung across between the 2 rudders is more of a squaring brace vs anything load bearing on the rudders (but I could be wrong).



Also, any help identifying what the heck that gear is for on the port side could be amazing.  Looks like maybe it was for some sort of worm gear/autopilot maybe?

I will probably dig into this in a few weeks,


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  • Glad to see some projects going on in the club, hope to get back to my toerail once my feet heal. 3 weeks ago I was standing on the top of an 8' ladder and dropped straight down on my heels, thank god no fractures. I was looking for a awning to cover my windshield for disassembly and ran across a structure I could not pass up for $500.10751105676?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Chief Commander

    The 2x6 across the top of the rudders is there to holdthe rudders up and mount the trim tab mechanisms to. None of the rest is structural. I replaced the 2x6 in my 42 with sime custom stainless brackets I designed and had fabricated.


    42 Sport Cruiser Rudder assembly
    42 Sport Cruiser Rudder assembly
  • Byron.


    I shit you not I did the EXACT same thing a few months ago.  No major injuries but it was 3 weeks on crutches and it's still a bit tender.  I'll tell you (8 weeks on) that it gets better but be patient with yourself

    Mike H, thank you so much for the picture post, exactly what I needed to know.  Looks like I could double one of those plates to mount a ram.  Out of curiosity, any chance you have the mock up or measurements you sent to the shop to fabricate? No big deal just would save me an hour of templating.


    cheers guys

  • Chief Commander

    I believe I still have the templates, however it probably won't do you much good since even mine were different from one side to the other. Can you believe these hand build boats aren't perfectly symmetrical? 😂



  • Chief Commander

    Here's some pictures of the templates I made 




  • anyone have a photo of a late model steering pump fitted to a late 60s CC?  I see that my helm protrudes at about the place the dash rakes up so likely I would have o locate the steering down to accomidate the bracketry at the helm


    Thank you

  • Jason Tomchik 

    I had a similar problem retrofitting a uflex rear mount helm pump on my 35.

    I ended up designing a custom bezel which allowed the wheel to be pretty close to the same position as the wheel used to be in.

    Also because of how the angled upper portion meets the vertical surface where the wheel is i needed to add an extention shaft to keep the steering wheel from hitting the angled dash.


  • Jeremy, basically sums up my current pain point.  I guess the old Hynautic systems seemed to utilize a smaller form factor and a longer input shaft which may have made them capable of passing through the existing helm stations.  C'est la vie, it may not be the worst thing in the world to mount the helm slightly lower and modify the helm.  Alternatively I could fashion a re-inforced cowl for a rear mounted pump, I may go that route.

  • Found this photo of a local (annapolis) 69 38'10761858297?profile=RESIZE_584x

    Basically answers the question of what a front mounted helm pump would look like.  May be the way to go, certainly doesn't look bad

  • I need to print up pictures of your fabulous helm an post them up all over my shop!! That is what I am looking for. Days from finishing my new enclosure. One hell of a summer here is S. Fl.


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