V-birth windshield corner supports

Sorry I'm posting so much but I'm doing such an extensive refit so I'm compressing years of repairs into a few months of blitz.
I have removed the majority of the interior trim to repaint and I've come across an area that seems to have been leaking for an extended period.


I didn't take a photo now that the trim is off (off the boat currently) but it appears that the corner frame is bolted through the deck and through an iron plate that was fiberglassed in.  There is noticeable corrosion on the bolt.  My thought is that there is a bolt going through the inside corner of the aluminum upright through the deck.


Long story short, I'm guessing the water ingress is from the windshield but I'd like to sort out the corroded corner bolt and any information on the assembly of the windshield corner would be immensely helpful10741789285?profile=RESIZE_710x

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    search the forum  window leaks https://commanderclub.com/main/search/search?q=window+leak

    There are some posts that may be helpful.

    Have you considered using the free trial of Archives to see if it would be worth the $36 subscription?  


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  • For the search try Vee and Berth

  • I do appreciate folks telling me how to search but presume if I am posting here it's because I have exhausted forum topics and multiple keyword searches.  I checked the archives during my trial but do not remember seeing this, I need to remove the windows and re-seal the glass but some intel always beats flying blind.

  • Found This, illustrates the same problem


    Curious if anyone has seen the head of this bolt, I will check my window channel today, just seems like an odd place to slot in a bolt


    Rusty metal - window frame?
    I've been ignoring this for a couple years, but it looks like I can't any longer. I have rust stains on the carpet that lines the vberth wall, on the…
  • Post 34178 from Clif Orphal and a reply, 34179 are the best I've found. The path from the cited is at least down. 

    Good luck 

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    My 31 had a plate and nuts embedded in the fiberglass. The bracket that bolted to the aluminum frame and hull was bronze as where the screws into the aluminum. I can't remember what the screws were going into the hull. 

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    Jason, mine is a 42 but similar. I will dig out photos if I can find them. If I do, I will edit this post and add them

  • Stirling, thank you.  Tracking down the little drips is no small feat on any boat, these areas of corrosion or rot are better taken care of now then in a few years I would guess

  • My 27 has the same issue, the plate at the bottom (embedded in fiberglass) is rusting away. I have not seem a bolt anywhere though. And I can't find the leak. My guess is a hairline leak at the corner of the window.

  • Jim, good intel, I'll say this, the pilot house had a 2 bolts counter sunk into the cabin top that were iron and I spent a day extracting/epoxying those holes to re bed the bolts.  If that construction technique followed for the rest of the vessel then it's entirely possible that the forward bolts are countersunk under the aluminum channel and replacing would involve similar surgery.


    I will keep you all posted

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