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6 Resolutions for the New Year: Power and Motoryacht Edition.

Do you have any boat related resolutions for 2023?  Reply to this discussion to share yours.


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  • Seems strange, but my boat related New Year's resolution... Enjoy the boat more, and work on it less.  After the past two plus years of some serious work on the outside of boat, it's time to maybe (maybe) slow down a bit and enjoy the fruits of our labor...   And we'll have the first full season out of the last three to do it!

    1967 42 Commander
    "What If..."

  • Wishfull thinking perhaps , but sure would like to launch my 35

  • 1) spend more time boating 2) sell my 27 and 28  3) buy a 35. ;-)


  • Sleep on it, and take it somewhere.  It isn't really big enough for either, but I'm hoping.  Two seasons with it, and still haven't accomplished those goals.

  • I will be dockside watching Jeremy launch his 35 this year !



  •  After reading previous comments I now have a couple thoughts regarding this.  Use my boat more would be great.  I think last season we only added about 20 hours to the hour meter.  The other thought is a road trip to see Chris's 42 and Jeremy's 35.  Both these boats I feel are looking to be show piece's, with top notch workmanship.  Too bad you guys aren't the same direction from my home...let me know what your favorite beverage is so I can show up prepared!

  • Scott,  a 31 Sports may seem too small to sleep in, not unlike my 28 Sports, but the dinette dropped down makes a comfy bed. Take a trip to Muskegon or Ludington. The latter has a nice town harbor.


  • Thanks Jim.  The problem is that I travel for a living.  Sleeping in my own bed is rare enough.  But gotta do it.  My big boat had multiple air conditioners, multiple stand-up heads (and a bathtub), I'm spoiled!!

    I have a triple-axle trailer, really want to haul it up to the islands for a week, hunt for petosky stones and lay on beaches.  That is why I went this small.

  • Steve Riley 

    You are more than welcome to visit anytime but you might want to visit the Orphals first since theirs currently has some more of the basics than mine does like wires , plumbing,  rudders......;)


  •  Scott, when we first got the boat the cabin top with air mattress and sleeping bag was a favorite until a pinhole leak made my bed too hard about 3 hours into deep sleep.  New pads can make the vee acceptable,  see Morland's dissertation on 8" foam.  I think the narrower 31. Vee might be a maybe. Large aft deck with stars if anchored far enough from shore and the attendant winged creatures. 

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