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    Here is a brochure that we have on file that may help.


  • Have a friend with a 333 . Ha original 454 crusader V drives

  • Sorry it is a 336

  • my 1984 comander Sport 333 has 260 HP 350 Mercruser's  - Exactly what the my the Original owners manusl says

  • My 86......336 has 454 crusaders... i think i have all the paperwork on it.... i think..... when i bought it the PO was very particular on paperwork and i got two bank bags full of paperwork.... everything that came on the boat and everything he added to the boat..... lots of brochures 

  • In 84 I'd expect to see Mercrusiers.  When Chris Craft moved away from their own engines in the early 80s, they first moved to Mercruisers, then Crusaders later on.  In most models, it seems that the Mercruiser -> Crusader transition was partway through 1986 production. 

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