What's it worth? Contemplating selling my 27 CCC

27 Commander soft top, Single 350 FWC small block, BorgWarner 1.5:1 transmission.  The boat is in great running condition and has been launched every spring then hauled every fall since I bought it back in 2010.  It is currently in the water and running great. Since I have owned it I have done many of the big things - new FirstMate 350, New Shaft, Cutlass bearing, PSS Seal and Nibral CNC Machined 4 blade prop all painstakingly aligned.  New exhaust manifolds this year, with 316SS risers.  New exhaust hose last year.  It is a 50+ year old boat so there is alway more to do in addition to the usual maintenance.  Very solid and fun to drive but I am looking to downsize and simplify. 

I have looked around but not had much luck finding any comparables as there dont seem to be many for sale at the moment, so the question is if what should I ask if I decide to sell it?  Please check the pics and let me know what you think and any ideas for listing it, thanks in advance fellow Commanderino's.


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  • A quick scan of popular boat sales sites prices these boats in the $10-$25k range with some outliers that are in exceptionally good or bad condition. As the old saying goes, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Location and market saturation are big contributors, along with urgency to sell. My advice is to price it at what you are comfortable with letting it go for + 15%. The market will speak in your favor or not. My formula is as follows (a page out of buying and selling collector cars):

    No calls = extremely overpriced 

    Some calls, no showings = slightly overpriced 

    Many calls, few showings, maybe an offer = market priced

    Many calls, many showings, a few offers = slightly underpriced

    Many calls, many showings, many offers = extremely underpriced 

    All this assumes there is a market for your product. 

  • I'd put it solidly in the $10-15k range given the repower.  Most 27s have a hardtop so buyers might be expecting that.  I'm curious how they stuffed that Crusader in there with center risers, I want to do that to my boat but haven't found a motor that will fit.  

  • Thanks John & Jim for the info, maybe I'll list it in the classifieds section of this site for $10k and see if there is any interest.

    Jim - if you want any pics or more info on the repower let me know.   I have many pics and vids, is your 27 a single?  also seems like you are local from your pics, Gloucester? or are you in NC now?  I am in Salem harbor now.

  • I'd love to see more pics. The last time I was at the boatyard for a repower analysis they were looking at a Mercruiser that would sit flat on the stringers with a down angle tranny. My single 350Q sits just under the hatch with a cutout for the spark arrestor and only a couple inches above the distributor cap.

    Good eye on the Rockport shots. We used to live in NH and kept the boat in Amesbury. Now we're in NC, the 27 has been sitting on its trailer for 2 years and I picked,up a 28 Sports Express to use. 

  • Hi Jim,

    I'll try to take a few pics for you next time I am out, as you probably know the borg is a straight tranny while the paragons have a drop - so that helps the cause a bit.  I also have a cutout for the spark arrestor and it just fits.  The center risers are not a problem for me.  I suspect it is the mounts that are the key so hopefully the pics will help with that.  I also have a high rise manifold and an angle space to get the carb level so that adds to the height issue.

  • Hi Jim,  A few pics below show the tight clearance and the mounts.



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