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Fuel pressure regulator

Greeting from the bilge.

Last season after installing the new Edelbrock carb and the new Walbro electric fuel pump I realized that the pump was providing a very consistant 7 PSI which is absolute max input for the Edelbrock.

On cold startup this was en

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2 Replies · Reply by Craig Wilson May 18
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Shaft log

 Hello everyone. 

I'm  trying to repack the shaft logs on a '72 , 42commander the port side went fairly easy, but I found out the packing nut is left hand thread.

The starboard one is under the bathroom floor. Not easy. The packing nut is so tight I ca

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3 Replies · Reply by Jim Schmidt May 11
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Seacock specs

Hello, I have an '85 Commander 360 I am new to, that is 5 hour drive away. I need to put in new Seacocks, but am not at the boat to measure. Can anyone share what the thread specs are for the seacocks for this boat, and are they all the same size? I

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