Electronic ignition on a 35' 1972 Chris Craft Commander...

I am having a problem with "low spark" on my 427 cu. in.(300hp) engines. My mechanic suggested converting to an electronic ignition. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am also going to replace both non submersible sump pumps. With the "deep vee" not all pumps will be appropriate. Any suggestions. 

Thank you.


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I have the original pump aft located between the fuel tanks.  This is the same as the water pressure pumps, the inlet is a section of 3/4 copper tube with the end pinched closed, multiple holes drilled in the bottom and a slight bend to connect to a rubber hose going to the pump.

Electronic ignition is a good thing but I would not use the kits that install readily in your distributor.


If you put the Pertronix in, I’d highly recommend having them installed by Dave VanNess of VanNess Engineering. The riveting that hold the units in place can be imprecise causing the distributor to be out of phase.

I put electronic distributors in my 327's. I highly recommend this upgrade. I had Pertronix modules in the old distributors but i still had issues with the advance and finding distributor caps. The improvement in starting and keeping the engines synced is significant.  


I also have the original pumps (look like Jabsco) and I would like to rebuild them . 

I believe they have kits. Am I wasting my time? Thank you.


Nope - they’re easily rebuilt. If you want one with new seals and diaphragms, I’ll sell ya mine. Only weakness is the intake port needs to be resoldered into place.

What Matt said.  I have rebuilt one several times.  Only loss is one which the bearing of the lift rod failed.  I think it had been rebuilt 3 or 4 times and a new motor was installed several years ago. It was replaced with the original water pump, I added a newer style supply pump and a small surge tank for the water supply.

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