it’s a 1977 CCC 41 with two marine power 454 engines 

it was winterized for winter. And over this summer I’ve been doing work on the boat.  Including changing fuel tanks and re wire engine gauges etc.

1st question: don’t cringe. But I’ve been trying to (briefly) do a dry motor start. Meaning it’s not in the water. Still on hard stands.  Just to see if it will fire up. But no luck.. 

what am I doing wrong? Or missing? Any thoughts or trouble shooting would be greatly helpful 

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I'd start by ensuring the gears are in neutral and somehow mechanically lock the prop shafts from turning - they will turn a bit even in neutral and can damage your presumably dry cutless bearings.  Ideally, disconnect the shafts from the gears altogether if possible.

How long have the engines been sitting?  If more than a season or two, I'd recommend pulling the distributors, and priming the oil system with a hand drill.  The bearings and valvetrain are likely bone dry which can cause significant wear during the initial startup.

Lastly, if you are just looking to check for a cough of life, I'd pull the accessory belts off completely - that way you aren't turning any of the pumps - it simplifies things this way.  

Squirt a gulp of gas down the carb and give it a crank.

I don't recommend running much more than a few seconds out of the water because much of the system relies on sea water for cooling.  It doesn't take long to melt your exhaust boots in the absence of water in a wet exhaust system.

Take the belt off your raw water pump too. Really the best way to go would be to get some water to the engines. They make plungers that go over the intakes that you have hook a hose to, 

or put a T in the line between the seacock and the raw water pump, close the seacock, and connect a garden hose to the T. then you can run the motor as long as you want.

Thanks for the advice 

so The DUH moment was/is.  Ignition wire was not connected (re wire of the helm)

so the next question is. Where’s the best place to hook up the ignition wire. I have a on off key and two start stop run switches. 

id assume hook up to ignition side on key?  Is a solenoid necessary? 

tbanks y’all. 

Justin, I already provided you a schematic about how to wire up your systems - please look that over and let us know if you need any further information.  You have the TCS system, and the schematic I provided follows the same 1 key/2 engine switch arrangement.

You sure did : and never said thank you. So thank you! 

John Mario said:

Justin, I already provided you a schematic about how to wire up your systems - please look that over and let us know if you need any further information.  You have the TCS system, and the schematic I provided follows the same 1 key/2 engine switch arrangement.

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