Hello I have a 64 38' commander first generation fiberglass born with 431 Lincoln engines and I need to locate a exhaust manifold for my port engine? Anyone know where I could find parts n the manifold? Thanks Jamie

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I always loved the 431 Lincoln motors, but they were relatively rare. For this reason parts are scarce. Because there were few made, you’re in a place where every time something breaks it is going to be a 2 month search on eBay or craigslist to get parts. Which means it’s time to repower.

I just had to replace the diesel generator in my 47 for the same reason. Every time it broke it took 2 months to find a part on eBay and get it shipped in from across the country, while no ac, fridges, tv, etc., in the meantime. $14,250 that I didn’t want to spend, and I have electric away from the dock now.

You’re in the same place. The boat will be broken as much as it’s working if you keep having to track down a part for those engines every times something breaks. You can do it, like I did for 2 years with that generator, but you will get tired of it, and it will ruin the fun of the boat for you eventually.
Might be worth the investment to have all the spare parts if you’re not ready to repower.


Dick Morland, what happened to the engines that came out of BOB?  I know the owner was not proud of the 431s but were they put in the "give to some other poor guys pile" or relegated to the bin?

Well I plan to keep it all original if I can so far I only need one portside manifold and the engines where beast for there heyday rated at 275hp 586 ft pounds of torque and could run a 38' ft chris craft at a max speed of 31 mph I'd prefer to keep these engines original as possible to preserve history and overall value I would run these engines light for that specific reason but I know I need at least a one manifold for my outer port engine if anybody knows where I can find what I am looking for I'd appreciate the input I am admit about keeping these engines I don't want to repower them because this is chris crafts first generation fiberglass boat only 268 them more made that year

www.harpursmarine.com shows some parts for the 430/431 but not manifolds. It might be worth calling and talk to Tom Harpur, he might have a suggestion where to look.

Try these 2 places:

Marine Sales and Equipment - http://www.marine-sales.com/

Earl Stilson (Earl the Pearl) has new and used marine engines, parts, equipment for all kinds of Chris Craft boats.  The website does not do the place justice.  Rare and obsolete is their specialty.  Best to call or e-mail them.

Robert Henkel, Sales - http://www.chris-craft-parts.com/

We have a great collection of antique Chris-Craft marine engines, hardware, instruments and other old-boat items.We specialize in hard-to-find marine engines and parts, and often we can help you locate that particular exhaust elbow or running light or complete ENGINE to keep your antique wooden motorboat in top condition. We have served the old Chris-Craft community for over 30 years.

Jamie, boats don’t work like cars when it comes to this. Everybody knows you can’t get parts for the 431’s, and the boat’s resale value will suffer greatly as a result. Not the other way around.

Earl the Pearl probably has what you want, and he'll want what you have---A load of long green !! He will not pay anything for 431 engines or parts but if you deliver them to him he will take them and resell what he can. Not exactly a fast moving item. On the pair in Detroit's Craigslist I would offer the guy $500 for the whole package. I'll bet he takes it. His options are to wait perhaps years till another person needs something from a 431 or to deliver to Earl the Pearl, and that's going to cost him money & time.

Tim, as to the two 431's we took out of "BOB", we actually planned on putting them on a trailer, trucking them 250 miles to Scott Anderson's house and drop one on each side of his driveway at the street end, you know, a normal driveway marker, just the thing for Grosse Isle :-)  The logistics of the 250 mile trip and cost of hiring a wrecker in the middle of the night to unload them brought us to our senses, so we just gave them to a guy who had an elderly Roamer with these mighty engines :-)

I like Chris's advice. Originality does not add value in boats as it does in cars. What's important in boats is reliability and safety. Of course, with two motors, you can hope to limp back to safe harbor on one motor. Bottom line, if you can't find the manifold you need, the decision is pretty much made for you ;)


Hello well I get one another's are saying the engines are rare and hard to find parts for it I am getting the boat for free so I want drive down to my marina and plus I have a 42' commander at my marina already I planned to fix this one up keep it as original as possible and then make it a live aboard and keep it for like a year or two then I would probably sell it so re powering the boat is something I am not interested in
It’s becoming sort of clear that you had your mind made up before asking, but one last shot at trying to save you some money here...

If you aren’t willing to consider repowering, because of budget, or because you already have another boat and you only view this as a quick flip, then I think you should let this boat wait for the next guy.

If not, then you better have a free dock with free power lined up to keep it at for the next several years that it’ll take you to sell it with those engines, if you can sell it at all. That’s assuming you can find parts to get and keep it running in the first place.

This isn’t complicated. The reason you are getting the boat for no money is because it has engines everybody knows you can’t get parts for. You aren’t changing anything in that equation. You’re going to spend however many thousands of dollars getting it cleaned up and running, only to find nobody’s going to pay you anything reasonable for it because the reason you got it for nothing hasn’t changed. It has engines everyone knows you can’t get parts for. Boats aren’t a static object, you have to pay dockage, electric, etc., etc., while you’re messing with it.

Boats also are not cars. Nobody cares if it has the original engines or matching serials. Unless it’s got detroits, 3208’s, Cummins 555’s, or something like that, where they are known to last forever and they still have parts support, you gain nothing by keeping old engines. The 427’s are really the only 60’s/70’s/80’s gas engines that fit this description.

That is probably a $10-$15k boat, max, with those motors. That’s if everything else on it worked and it was in nice shape. A real nice 38 with 427’s or 454’s goes in the $30k’s. If you got this one for free and repowered it with a good pair of used or rebuilt 454’s for $10k, it would sell and I could see you making some money. Otherwise the likely outcome is you’re going to lose money on it after dockage and the cost of getting it up and running are factored against having no market value because of the motors. Generally, it doesn’t take that long to burn $10k on a 38’ boat. I can’t see this making sense.
Yeah I agree with that you are correct but where it's at thee other marina the owner will let me do all work there for no cost and only I would launch it when it is completely fixed and ready to go so I am grappling with what I should and should not due my 42' commander is 1970 with Cummings v555 engines in her she runs good just the interior and excessive leaks need major repairs and fixing and money so I intended to flip the other boat for some money but how much and is it worth it has yet to be seen of course

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