I’m replacing my front cabin windows, straitening out some stress cracks and the pillars. What I’ve come across is the center window pillar seems to support the deck to some extent. There’s evidence that it was originally screwed into the window frame on the deck side with 2 screws into the fiberglass. These look to have pulled out at some point and someone screwed it in again abit higher and the screw was broken off. Then one more time at it’s final place which puts the whole assembly about half an inch higher on the frame, this was held with 1 screw but it was holding, all be it loosely. My question is do I jack the deck up that half inch and force it back into the original location, or should I let it rest where everything is already stressed. I’m adding several layers of fiberglass cloth to the back side of the mount and plan on through bolting it this time with 1/4 inch stainless screws wherever I end up mounting it. 

On the one hand I’m leaning towards leaving it where it is now as it doesn’t seem right for the cabit roof to be supporting the load like that.

On the other if it was pulled back up there would be constant tension on it and it probably won’t move as much and maybe won’t come loose again.

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Well I split the difference, which actually made the window opening even all the way across. I laid 12 layers of 6 oz fiberglass cloth wetted out in West systems epoxy about 12 inches wide under the mounting point. I ground out and filled the holes with fiberglass cloth and epoxy from the top. Then I drilled the aluminum post to accept the 1/4 in stainless screws and they laid flush. I scuffed the back with 80 grit. I positioned it and drilled and tapped the new bolt holes through the fiberglass. Then bolted it on the back side after setting it in 5200 top and bottom. The top got 8 #12 screws in new holes. 

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