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I have been doing a total refurbishing of Commander 35 and new issue has surfaced.  There was no fuel measurement on the original and would like to add now a dashboard or external tank measurment.  The problem is that the fuel tanks have not proved successful with current solutions do to tank design.  Any suggestions would be appreciated other than the old "dip stick" method.  Thanks a lot.

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There's none more reliable than the stick. BUT.... Because you don't have the ability for sending units, think about flowscan meters.  Pricey, but..... You asked if there was anything?? 

Lee Dahlen,  www.glassicboatworks.com  704-287-3914

Thank you.  I'll Google the info.

I am installing a twin engine flow scan meter on my boat they should tell you what your total fuel consumption is along with GPH used. I purchased them yesterday so can't tell you how well they work but come highly recommended by many boaters. Stay away from the cheap ones  (Faria) they have given a lot of problems. They fail within the 1st few uses. They had over 100 bad reviews all saying the same thing.

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