MaiTide has been running well for 4 plus years until last month.  Now Stb. engine turns over well but does not start. Replaced coil. Want to run some checks on fuel system, but don't know where the fuel pumps are located.  Any suggestions? Thanks

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I believe the original mechanical fuel pump on the 427 was located on the left side of the engine towards the front. You can confirm this by following the fuel line out of the carb.
Nats belief is correct. If you have closed cooling, it’s tough to find or get to.

They are difficult to get off but harder to get back on!  Really should refer to information on the super discs regarding these 427 fuel pumps.  Main thing is tapping the weep hole with a hose barb and running a line back up to the carburetor as these were not marine fuel pumps and if the diaphragm goes it sprays gas into your bilge!  Details on the disc.

Good luck,

Dave Wilson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

Thanks to Nat, Matt and Dave for your help. Located the pump and will start work this weekend. Very carefully.


Most of the time when a 427 won't run it's an ignition issue. If I were you, I'd pull the coil wire from the distributor cap and hold it close to a metal ground point while you're turning it over. you should have a nice blue spark. Then I'd spin the flame arrestor off and pump the throttle a couple of time to see if any fuel is coming out of the primary accelerator pump "squirters". If no fuel at this point, spray in a couple of shots of starting fluid into the carb, spin the flame arrestor back on and crank it. If it fires and then dies, now we begin to suspect the fuel system. First, is the fuel valve for the stbd. side wide open? Next I'd check if one or more of the fuel filters are clogged or if they have a vacuum leak, Remember the fine filter located on the left forward of the engine. If I'm still not getting fuel to the accelerator pump squirters when the throttle is pumped, I would remove the fuel line going to the carb, find a clear hose that fits over the fuel line and lead it into a mason jar, Now pump the engine to see if the fuel pump is actually putting out and what it is putting out. You could have a serious water in the fuel problem,, Only after I did all this and had negative results would I suspect the fuel pump, If it does turn out to be the pump, you're lucky. The stbd. engine is just a bitch to remove and replace the pump, Due to the pump being outboard, the port engine is a royal,tirades of nasty cusswords BITCH to change, Start your analysis with the stuff that historically has brought the 427 to it's knees :-)

Very good advice Dick, after replacing fuel pumps twice on the port side I would investigate every other possibility before I attacked the fuel pumps!  I even invented cusswords on that project!

Dave Wilson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

I thank both of you for these excellent tips.  I will be doing the work this weekend (or more!) and will be sure to follow your advice.  These 427s have run perfectly for the four years I've owned MaiTide. I'm going to have to recall my skills from my youth in the 1960s and 1970s. I hope it all goes well. I'll be sure to keep you posted on progress.  Thanks again.

When investigating fuel issues, check for an anti-siphon valve too. They can become clogged and cause problems. Also a lot easier to check than that mechanical fuel pump!

Thanks to all of "Team 427" for help on this. For me, it's time to locate a replacement fuel pump and get install help. Checked spark from new coil to distributor.; ok. No fuel flow visible under fire arrestor. Starting fluid does not help. Checked both fuel filters; clean and no sign of water.  Plus I use a water inhibitor in fuel regularly. Port engine still runs great and equalizer valves on tanks are open.  Starboard turns over great. Off to shopping. Thanks again.

Jerry - did you check that anti-siphon? If it caught something from the tank, you’d get those symptoms.

Also, others may chime in, but I THINK you can rebuild those Carter pumps vice replacing, no?

Matt. Forgot to do that, mainly because I don't know what an anti-siphon valve is nor where it's located. But I do have some original Manuals and parts lists. Both paper and from CCCC files. Will look into it right now. Thanks. 

I’ve got several serviceable pumps you’re welcome to if you get stuck.
Tom Carlson
“It’s About Time”

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