Ok guys can I still get manifold gaskets for the 427. And what sealant should I use 

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You can try your auto parts store & ask for gaskets for a 1965 ford 427 Galaxy 500? I believe the gaskets are the same (manifold & exhaust manifold). I use the exhaust manifold gaskets on my 427. I payed around $18 cdn for the pair.


One thing with new gaskets you shouldn't need sealant?

Sorry guys I forgot to say it’s the manifold to riser gaskets I have the manifold gaskets. If need be I can make them 

If you can't find the gaskets, you can buy sheets of gaskets material at your local auto parts store and make your own. All you need is a sharp exacto knife. I use permatex sealer on most gasket installations. It comes "color coded" for different applications. Blue for general purpose like water pumps, black for oil resistant like intake manifolds, copper for high heat like exhaust manifolds. They also have a product called The Right Stuff 1 minute gasket maker. I keep a package on the boat, haven't had to use it, yet.:)

Captain  Allgood  .........  For your engine gaskets contact  www.harpursmarine.com    .   They are located on the left coast in the LA area   .  

Tim  /  with mighty 427`s in heated storage  


If Harpurs can’t help you, check Robert Henkel at http://www.chris-craft-parts.com too. He’s a great guy and likely has them as well.

I have pretty good templates I could trace and send to you. I make my own when needed. 

Thanks Sterling very nice of you. That would be awesome 

They are readily available. Among the other sites listed above, Earl Stilson has them

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