So we all know the Beloved Gullwing Controls (see attached) that were original on some Commanders (Lower helms) are no longer made. They are also getting much harder to find too! But here's the scenario on this set I did for a helm rework I am doing. They are getting aged, pitted, and a little dull and rough looking. Do we Replace with Modern, or refresh these up? 

Well, after doing the cost analysis, here's how it broke down. a NEW set of modern (well more modern) Morse teleflex controls that would fit the holes and use the same cables is gonna start at about 650.00 wholesale for just the parts without labor.OR.. Take these to my chrome shop who stripped them down, filled and inlaid with copper and whatever else he uses. then has a heavy chrome plating put back on with a warranty of 10 years with proper maintenance...... (Yeah it was less)   The result?  

With the warranty, and the "proper maintenance" is merely one good coat of wax twice a year and keep clean. I think this will really make the new helm "Pop"  One caution.... The pitting.. There is a limit to what any rechromer can do with pitting. Especially when it comes to potmetal (Which these are) I had sent him another set much worse at first and the estimate was double. So Always get an estimate and a warranty in your quote before "handing over" something that can't be duplicated!    Cheers!!  For More Pics: 

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Can we do a little price compare? In this pic I sent the helm steering wheel out for chrome. After I figured out how it game apart. Anyway it was the 2 rings, Center hub and 6 spokes. The process this guy does is a strip, shape, copper coat, nickle coat and then the chrome. $300.00. I am very satisfied with the quality.

Any recommendations on chrome shops? I had great results from a shop on the west coast, but it's been more than a decade and I don't know if they're still doing the same quality of work. I brought a bunch of pieces to be rechromed for my Roamer project to a local shop in DC...the results were absolutely horrible. They destroyed many, many extremely rare parts.

Looks very nice! Since controls displayed does not contain any moving parts would it be inconceivable to copy them and making new ones? I be a number of members would be interested.

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