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If the pics are representative, the condition is needy.  The price may well be the cost of storage.  Best case, it runs and floats, transmissions operate properly.  Worst case, cost or removing fuel, re-power, etc., etc.  If it is so good the owner should spend $5K to replace stanchions, clean, launch and offer as an operable work in progress.  My take is 1/2 price based on engines and transmissions working.  Maybe 1/2 +$2000 if both engines and transmissions are properly operating after a prior compression test.  Figure batteries will need to be added not only to fire engines but to test house wiring.  A good survey should be included with the above.

The cheapest boat is the one needing no service. jmo Tim


It is listed as a project boat and has been out of the water for over 10 yrs but it does look like it was in decent shape before the restoration was started.

This means that the boat should probably have all of the thru hulls re-bedded, prop shaft seals and trim tabs re-done including hoses before it is re-floated. This just gets you to being water tight.

It will need all new batteries, probably needs the carbs rebuilt on the mains and generator. New sea water impellers all around.

All of the chrome has been re-chromed but will need to be bedded and installed.

Since the boat is on the hard, you will need to figure on having it hauled overland by truck. That means that the helm needs to be laid down, the hard top removed, all of the windshield glass and framing will need to be removed and reinstalled after delivery to get the height down to a legal load.

The add also states that the owner had started prep work for painting so that means probably painting the cabin roof and more plus refinishing all of the bright work.

This still leaves you with a big question on engine condition. No hours listed but the big issue is you can't run them until you do some work on the boat.

For a person that lives near Louisville and wants to do a project such as this and has the skill sets and required time, it could be an excellent opportunity.

Don't want to sound negative on this particular boat for you but I think, that for you, it will likely be a dream killer. Consider all of the challenges that your 31 was and multiply by a factor of 10 for this one.

There are some 42s listed here that would probably end up being a better value to you and at least are immediately usable.

This all depends on what you enjoy doing and what your checkbook can handle.

Good luck with your hunt.

The boat is worth nothing in her current condition.  Perhaps a token $1000 payment to the owner for goodwill.  The storage company should pay you to take it away.

Sure it can be restored.  It requires either deep pockets or a lot of free time and skill (and still a decent amount of cash).

I admire those with the significant resources required to take on such a project.

Not for the faint of heart.


I'm with you, Darin and Ron!  Heck - I paid just a hair more than this for a 50 year old boat is good/running shape, and I'm constantly chasing projects.  Can't imagine a basket case like this...

There are other 42s on the market that need little to no work and are a much better proposition, IMHO. More money up front, but you get a boat you can use right now. 

Hello Chris

Speaking form the been there done that perspective. You have probably read my references to my 32' Luhrs. I was "given" that boat after it sat on the hard for 6 years. It was complete and had been put up for the winter with the intent of relaunching the following spring. First problem was removing and disposing of 200 gallons of "turpentine" from the fuel tanks. That cost more then it did to buy it at the pump. The saving grace of that boat was that the engines turned freely, and after rebuilding both carbs, fired up and purred. She came home under her own power. Every year for the next 8 years I pulled the boat in the fall and tackled another major project. Every summer I would tackle minor projects while using the boat. I could start listing everything that I replaced or rebuilt on that boat, but I would probably get flagged for taking up too much room. "Barn Finds" are never the bargain they appear to be. These old boats require dedication just to maintain them. Restoring one can become a full time job. 

My 382 was well maintained by the PO. I have had it out of the water once in five years to install drip-less stuffing boxes. Keeping a well loved classic running smooth and turning heads is still plenty of work. But it is a lot easier then trying to bring back one that has been sitting or neglected.

Hi Chris,

If you are looking for a project.  I have 38 commander sedan flybridge at Lakewood.

Call me at 281-455-1444

Thank you,


So I think y'all may have mis-interpreted my original question.

Has anyone ACTUALLY seen this boat in person?

We can guess at its condition all day long and make assumptions based on the pictures, but that wasn't my question.

Hey Pat,

I can't promise you anything, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing it. We're looking for a liveaboard and I wouldn't normally consider a 38', but with the sedan portion it may be doable. 

How often do you get down to Lakewood? We live aboard in Seabrook Marina right now.


Pat Stone said:

Hi Chris,

If you are looking for a project.  I have 38 commander sedan flybridge at Lakewood.

Call me at 281-455-1444

Thank you,


I think there is a wealth of information in the listing that make these comments valid.

Red comments are copied directly from the listing.



That means she is apart and the parts are potentially scattered.  Hope they are all there...

3.  The pics themselves.  The boat is full of junk.  Nobody even cared enough for her to clean her up a bit to sell her.  My favorite pic is the salon with the empty liquor bottles on the left.  It looks like they evaporated!

4.  You will have a few thousand dollars in this boat to even check her out.  Remove fuel, clean fuel system, , buy 50 gallons of new fuel, replace fuel filters, de-junk boat, prep bottom (you might as well, it's out of the water now), haul to the water,  a least 2 days of a decent mechanic that knows 427s.

5.  Engine / Other systems pics are missing.  AC / Heads / Water Heater / Black Water Tanks / Fresh Water Tanks / Windless / Radar / GPS / Depth Finder / Helm Gauges, etc. etc. etc.

If it were worth it, the seller would clean it up, pay to get it running, and list it as a running/functioning boat.  My guess is he knows that will cost him $5000 and wants to pass on the cost.

I think the commenters are trying to tell you that even with only the pics, this is a boat to pass on unless you have significant spare time and skill or significant resources.

If you do go and check her out, I would love to see more pics!!!!!


Christopher Hebert said:

So I think y'all may have mis-interpreted my original question.

Has anyone ACTUALLY seen this boat in person?

We can guess at its condition all day long and make assumptions based on the pictures, but that wasn't my question.

I havent seen the boat... But I'll just tell you to move it to you? 

10k Tear down and set up to make it transportable.

And another 5-8k to transport it. 

So sad, pray she does not get scrapped!!!!

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