The varnished inside faces of the head doors had blistered and looked ratty so I finally got around to sanding them down.  The side walls were white and curiosity got the better of me so I took the mirror down and test-sanded behind only to find my job had just become bigger (thanks to whichever P.O. broke out the Benjamin Moore).  I didn't think to take a proper before photo so here's the test-sanded area, the fully sanded head, and the current (3rd coat of West Systems Epoxy) state.  Remaining work to be done is two coats of Captain's varnish, new floor, new fixtures, window dressing, and maybe some LED lighting.  Then we'll really be able to "enjoy the go"

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Nice work, Ely! That shine really looks nice against that vintage sink!

...and on it a little bit too :(

Thanks for the kind words Matt.


When using west system as a base under varnish id suggest using hardner # 207 . Its the only west system  mix that has any uv inhibitors. The regular 205 and 206 hardners will turn milky over time with exposure to light. 

Yessir!  I used the 207 and laid up the first coat of Captain's today.  The work is dusty and not fun but the results are very satisfying so far.

Jeremy  what is your experienced of the west system in the cartridge with mixing tips ??

Byron....................35 pics pls


The west system six 10 is basicly the same as mixing thickner #406 (silica)

Into the standard 105/205 mix

Its very handy and a neater way to go 


If it makes you feel better im currently making even more dust than what you have in your head but in my bilge and yes its just a little itchy


Hi Jeremy.

You're the better man for sure.

I haven't gotten the gumption up yet to *really* address the bilge, explaining it away by saying I'm following a "top-down" approach :)

Lol, I started bottom-up but have made very little progress so this year I am going back to top down. Nobody that comes on my boat can see the crappy bilge but they can see the ugly toe rails and hand rails that are screaming to be refinished as well as the deck needing attention. Mechanics, and topside cosmetics first from here on out and then I will do the interior reno.  Curb appeal!

I saw your pic of the snow on your boat. I am about sick of this cold spring albeit not as cold as yours.

Great work BTW



Ely Marrero said:

Hi Jeremy.

You're the better man for sure.

I haven't gotten the gumption up yet to *really* address the bilge, explaining it away by saying I'm following a "top-down" approach :)

Ugh, toe rails!  I'm on my third try to get them looking good and staying that way.  First time I stripped all the peeling varnish and tried to go with teak oil.  Couldn't keep up with it so sanded again and went with epoxy but it was my first time ever so I didn't coat with a UV protectant like varnish and they discolored, this time going to sand again, epoxy, AND varnish.  Hopefully they'll be lower maintenance after I'm done.  I'm confident I'm getting better at it every time though!

Next after that will be to address the deck.  It's worn through to black in many spots and has so many layers of paint in others that the non-slip crosshatch is smooth so I picture lots of quality time with a heat gun and a steel brush.

The ratty boot stripe is another issue.  My marina is great but our contract is pretty specific about the work I'm allowed to do myself and I can't afford to have them repaint the boot stripe for me so I have to figure that one out.

Not allowed to work on your own boat? What's up with that?

Ely,  The wood looks great in the head!  I was very happy using the product Bristol amber on my teak woodwork.  It was great to work with and could apply multiple coats between sanding.  I am also in your neck of the woods and wondering how it will hold up, but I like the idea of being able to recoat to keep pristine in the future.  Hopefully better weather is coming!

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