Hello Everyone!

Been checking out this forum for years and it's truly a gold mine of Commander info! Hoping someone can help with my problem.

We've got a 1972 42 DC with the original 427 Ford engines. For the most part she runs like a top, however noticed a slight miss in the starboard engine and figured it was time for a tune up as it's been years sicne the last one.

Ordered the 221B distributor caps - no problem.

Ordered the RJ10C Champion plugs - no problem

Ordered new Sierra 18-8842 ignition wire sets - no problem.

However when it came time to order the rotor I checked all the forum info as well as the boat specs and it called out a Mallory 319 rotor. Went on Amazon and ordered a couple of them and when I went to fit them to the boat, I found that the diameter of the distributor shaft was larger than the hole in the rotor. Unit wouldn't fit. So I obviously need the 318 rotor.

Here's where I'm stuck. I cannot find a 318 rotor anywhere! They're not available on Jegs or Summit and there's no cross reference I could find to a Sierra part. Thought someone on a different post mentioned a NAPA (Echlin) FA-64 rotor but that one looks like it's a replacement for the 319.

Does anyone have a valid, current source for a 318 rotor? That would be manufacturer and part number for an equivalent part?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Can  you  drill the  rotor?  Not  standard  procedure  but  better  than  making  smaller.  Two choices, drill if 1/8 or more,  use a split  dowel  with  sandpaper  if less.  You may  need  to  use a bit  that cuts  flush to bottom  of  the  hole.

I just searched for the 318 rotor. I found many sites that listed it, however it was labeled....



Not available....

This is going to to be a problem for many of us.

Looking at the rotor it appear the contacts are screwed on. So with the proper materials is can be refurbished.

It is the cap that is of great concern

Exactly. All the sites I've checked indicate discontinued or not available.

Captain  Brian  .........  Consider cleaning  / dressing  your rotor brass tip with # 600 / 800 grit paper & wipe down with rubbing alcohol . If not cracked or other damage they will work  .



Mallory makes some other rotors for the electronic ignition. For instance I have 335s on my Mallory electronics.

Is it possible another part might be converted? You could pull the shutter assembly off the 335s if they had the correct post mount. Can’t remember who bought them, but maybe you could call directly to them. 

I thought I might have that rotor but those spares got left with the other boat along with the old crab style distributor hulk. 

A good machine shop could mod the distributor shafts o perhaps cut the 319s to the correct size. 

I just checked my spares, three modules, three caps and three rotors. I should check to

see if these are still available as well. 

That is a good idea to have the 319 machined. I have pictures where the height is different. If I remember correct the shaft is a different mount.

I do not have both any more. But the picture looks like the contact is the same. It might be a simple swap of the contact.

I would call Holley and find a former Mallory parts guy. He may know of some other combo that might work or sweet talk him into a skunkworks run of these. If you had the headroom getting rid of the crap cap at the same time would be a bonus. I don't know enough, but assume some other distributors are available for these engines? 

Go to a NAPA store with an old 319 rotor and have them match it.  That's where I get mine for my 427's with Mallory's.


Apparently I have Mallory YH distributors which use the larger 5/8 inch diameter shaft ends. From what I've learned all the YH and some of the YL distributors used the larger distributor shaft and thus require the Mallory 318 rotors.

Called Holley/Mallory and they've discontinued making the 318 rotor. Also checked with Sierra Marine who bought Mallory's replacement parts business when they changed hands and for some reason they make a replacement for the 319 but not the 318 rotor.

Understand I can "field dress" existing rotors to make them work in the short term, however if I crack a rotor or it becomes damaged in any way - I'm out of luck. Plus I have spares for everything but this part which doesn't make me feel too comfortable underway but will have to make due.

Will post if I find a source or have more info.

Supposedly there is a Napa part that replaces it but I have not verified this (no time for boating this season yet). If that's a dead end, I'll be very unhappy that I purchased a new Mallory distributor a few years ago and now it's obsolete for lack of rotors.

My distributors are YL models.  The NAPA cap is an MA1 and the rotor is a FA64.  

Some of the YL models use a 318 rotor. The NAPA FA64 which is made by Echlin is the replacement for the 319 rotor.

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