My LIRIA is a 1965 38' Sedan.  I was told that some of you folks might of her.  I've owned her for a year and it's bottom paint time for this south Florida resident. My painter was asking what Type of paint was on the hull.  LIRIA came down from MI.  So if anyone might know please let me know.

Thank you very much,  Keith Anderson

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Here's what the PO of your boat posted in 2006 -------

I took these photos of my bottom paint. It is Interlux Y999 Copper Bronze that was applied last spring. The bottom was pressure washed at haul out. I had no zebra mussels but some green slime at the waterline and bottom fur. 

Note the calcification on the port side as compared to the starboard.. That side faces East and the dock next to me was empty most of the summer so that side got the full morning sun.

In all, the bottom looks pretty good IMO.

Y999 seems to getting difficult to find, FYI, I called Interlux last year and they told me they had no intention of discontinuing it, they said they sell a good bit of it to the specialty boat market, mostly for wooden boats. I bought mine from the Classic Boat Connection, who I have dealt with for years, a good outfit


Doubt if you'll ever get bottom paint life & performance like that in Florida's salt water, but who knows. See attachments. One is for the very custom flagpole I fabricated in my shop, the other is a bottom shot.

  • Dick thank you so,so much.
  • That is awesome.

Hello Keith:

 As a resident in Fort Lauderdale, I can tell you that the Interlux product mentioned would definitely not be good enough for these Florida waters.  On our boat we are currently using Seahawk Biocop with great success.  Our selected color is dark blue and the classic CC copper color is not available.  As an aside we paint our underwater gear with a product by Pettit (see attachment) on all of our underwater metal also with great success.  All this was accomplished after years of research as well as trial and error. I hope this helps you in your quest for answers.

Best Regards,

Jim Rivas

Keith - if you can message Fred Delavan (another member) he uses the copper color here in the Chesapeake. Not sure which brand/color exactly or whether it would also be good to use down your way. If you can’t get to Fred for some reason, Lee Dahlen likely knows.

Keith - Don’t waste your time and energy on the copper colored paints in these southern waters.  They simply are not up to the task.  I have been boating in Ft. Lauderdale since 1971 and I think that by now I know what works and what does not.  Your choice of brands for these Florida waters are Interlux Micron series, Pettit Ultima 60 Series and the Seahawk Biocop.   These three paints are what works down here but none of them come in bronze.  What works well in the Chesapeake most probably will not last here in Florida.  This is a very different ballgame down here with these bottom paints and this is coming from a guy that deals with these paints every day with constant feedback from the respective reps.

Best Regards,

Jim Rivas

Keith, I have used Seahawk Biocop on my 31 here in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I haul out every 3 years. So I find it’s worth the high cost per gallon to be able to get that longevity. I used the dark blue.

Trinadad SR in South Palm Beach County, the formula changes a few years ago but I will still use  it, 6 years.



I want to thank you all for the VALUABLE info. And a nostalgic look back.

I'm in Martin County, Stuart. So, I also have the algae and lake runoff to deal with.  The water "ain't" what it use to be in the 70's.

Appreciate all the help!!!

Hello Keith,  My son ,daughter in law and grand kids live in Stuart too.  He works on the water as well as has his own boat. Would be great to meet you and visit your boat some time in the future. We cross over from Tarpon Springs often.  Jim  ( 67 31 commander)

Hello Everyone:

Byron, excellent choice as well.  Supposedly the extreme best when first introduced for these Florida now further enhanced with Slime Release (“SR”).  It now has competition from the others mentioned.

Jim, both you and I share the same product on our boats down to the same color.  In Fort Lauderdale, I get from 1.5 to 2 years on my coatings.  Any one of the reps will tell you immediately that the Fort Lauderdale/ Palm area are the toughest areas for marine growth and as such serve as the testing grounds for these paints.  

Keith, find out from Byron what color he selected and maybe go with his choice of paint if the color is to your liking.  That paint would scare off a tiger shark if it ever ventured too close to his boat.  Let us know what you come up with.  Please do ask us questions, we are here to help.


Jim Rivas

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