What is the original AMPS for the main Ships fuse located in engine room on the fire wall forward the port engine

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If you are talking about the main A/C breaker, what is the power cord size? It will be either 30 or 50 amps depending on that.

Billy K.

It is the main Ships Service buss fuse for DC electrical system.


The buss fuse should match the service rating. My boat has two 30A shore power connections running to two 30A service panels, so I have two 30A main breakers. What does your boat have for shore power connections? two 30's or a single 50?
Also, The amp rating should be stamped on the end of the fuse. If there is any question, pull the fuse and take it to an electrical supply dealer. They should be able to tell you the rating. Breaker/fuse amperage is tied to wire gauge, which should also be stamped on the wires feeding the fuse box. Remember this circuit is live if the shore power is plugged in.
Do you know what caused this fuse to blow?

There is something not adding up here. A boat that was made in 1987 would not have a main fuse. The dc side would not have a fuse in the engine room. A picture would help, but may not be enough info. What doesn't work that this fuse controls?

Billy K.

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Rebecca G Reeves said:

How do I attach a photo to this forum post.

There is stored on the vessel a hand full of buss fuses with different amps  ranging from 50 to 150 amps.

The fuse,  when out , cuts off all DC lights, pumps, blowers, pumps etc....

All I want to know is what amp was the original buss fuse installed by Chris Craft ?

The fuse in question is mounted behind the shown label "SHIPS SERVICE" in photo.


Capt.  Jeremiah 

Up to now no one has volunteered the original fuse size. What is the wire size and we can begin to give an approximate fuse amperage. My guess is this is an add on, but others would know that for sure. It looks like 1 awg wire which will hold a 150 amp fuse depending on the length of wire to the device. I have a 77 45' and there is nothing like this on my boat. Is there a fuse to each ships service and winch? I would start with a 100 amp fuse and see if that would hold it, if it is 1 awg wire.

Billy K.

Hello Jeremiah

I googled Bussman fuse 1A8148 and came across a post on this sight from September 13, 2015. His fuses also had HSK-150 on the label indicating a 150 Amp fuse. It was posted by William (Bruno) Millonig  along with pictures which closely resemble your set up. You can read 1 AWG on the wire coming out of the top of your fuse box which is rated for 150A. His fuses were also rated for a maximum of 32 volts which means this circuit draws power off the ships batteries. Hope this helps. 

Yep, mine protected the windlass, not the main DC system.  One of the tabs  came off so even if i found the fuse, I couldn't reattach.

So in the end, I replaced it with a breaker like this.

I have a 1985 CC 422 and the old fuse in question that was on my boat was rated for 70 amps marked on the copper fuse top. I have replaced the fuse and holder with a blue seas product that uses the flat style fuse links. I don't have a picture of the new fuse block only the old one attached.

Joe Signorelli

1985 CC 422

Barbara Ann

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