Hi There All,

I've finally found my dream boat after 4 years of looking from New Zealand over the internet. Ive just purchased an unmolested/barnfind 1970 XK19 from NY State.......soon to be on its way to New Zealand for a full engine out, hardware off and hull apart restoration.

Im hoping for some help from some of the more seasoned forum members who know and understand a little more of the history and fit out from this year.

In particular the side grab rail and morse control on the boat appear to be original as there us no other holes or repair holes around them, however I'm just wondering if this is the case. I do prefer the three foot side grab rail that most of the SS/XK's came out with, but if these are original I may keep her like that!

Im looking at spraying a wet finish Dupont paint system in the Factory Blue Bell Blue....can anyone confirm tell me how I would get a colour match to this original factory colour?

Also before I ship it from the States to NZ, I want to load some new SS Stainless Steel Rubbing Strip/Strake in the longest length I can find. Any recommendation on what product I should be looking at?

Regards Brad

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Congratulations!  I have a 1969 Commander Super Sport (1970 changed to the XK-19).  I believe the Morse shifter and the rails are original on yours.  I have the Morse but not the rails.  However two friends with the XK 19 have them.  Guessing yours is a 1971?  You can search for information on this web site: http://www.xk19.com/

Peter van der Hoven really knows a lot and can help you maybe find parts you need.  Best of luck!  They are beautiful boats to be sure!

I can help.  Just finished a full restoration.  It's no small task.

Hi Mike,

   Did you restore a 1969 or a 1970?  May be getting mine ready for a show next year and need to tweak a few items.  Might need some assistance too!  cheers!

Mike Watson said:

I can help.  Just finished a full restoration.  It's no small task.

It’s molested. I have a 69 SS V drive restored to original as possible. ‘70 was a transition year to the XK so things were changing. Depending on your goals your direction can change.

Mike should be your new best friend!!!!

Mike I'd love to see photos of your resto.

Heres my cousin's 1970 XK 19 inboard

here's my 1969 Commander SS V-drive on the water.  Lake getting calmer after the Labor Day crowd has departed!


My name is Ken Lukes, Jeremy's cousin, owner of the XK19.

I think I'm seeing double.

Found mine last year in Cummings, GA. ( it's entire life has been on Lake Lanier).  I bought it from the nephew who's uncle purchased it new and gave it to the nephew so he could restore it. It sat from 1988 until 2006. The nephew pulled the 327Q (The uncle wiped out the cam. He just liked to slow cruise with it and starved it of oil flow). It was replaced it with a 400 SBC in 2006.  Original hours on the boat were 496, with 50 hrs. on the 400 when I purchased it, 116 so far. It runs pretty strong but won't idle smooth. Carburation and electrical are fine. It failed a Leak Down test on several cylinders and I'm getting a popping out of the right bank when increasing RPM.  #8 plug has a slight amount of oil on it. I'm preparing to pull the entire drive train and refresh it. The Paragon shifts OK but the fluid is burnt. I have the original 327Q, it has been rebuilt but has sat since 2006 with no proper protection from moisture. Will tear it down also. I saw Mike Watson's post before yours and have asked him about the proper sequence of the drive train removal.  I do have the dripless coupler and it sure looks like a challenge to service it.  This is my first time working on a boat drive train.  I'm an old Gear Head street racer and have worked on numerous car drivetrains. I talked to Chris Craft but they have no manuals...etc. that would help with the teardown. Did you have to pull your engine....etc. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to approach this.

Thanks, Ken

Bruce Carswell Jr said:

here's my 1969 Commander SS V-drive on the water.  Lake getting calmer after the Labor Day crowd has departed!

Seems we have the best color! I have not pulled the engine on mine but know they were able to get the transmission out without pulling the motor (replaced coupler). About to do some restoration work though and can check with my guys! Great looking boat! Bruce
Assume yours is also a v-drive???

If you have to do motor and tranny work you may as well pull the whole thing.  Even if possible I can't see  how you could get the trans out without pulling everything apart.  While out have the V drive inspected.  The P31 can be repaired relatively easy but the V drive is another story.  If originality is not your primary goal you may want to stick with the larger motor. Keep the original to stay with the boat.  


Hi Guys, just got a 73 xk19 !

Lots to be done , engine is out ,needs new interior, real question is paint vs gel coat ?

Any help would be appreciated 

By the way , I also have a 73 xk18 with the 454, original with less than 100 hours

Thanks Glenn

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