Hoping someone on here can tell me how these cabinets (lower part with stove and sink) are attached to the floor or bulkhead. I need to remove them and saw no obvious fasteners. Hoping someone here has done this and can save me some trial and error. 1974 45" btw.



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In my boat the cabinets are tabbed to the inner hull and also have some minamal screws down into the floor

Heres an example

Oh wow I hope mine aren't like that. You can't get to the back side like it appears in your picture.

On mine, anything close to the hull was tabbed as Jeremy indicated. Also, the back wall of my cabinets (separating the galley and salon), while not full height - went all the way into the bilge as well. Below deck it was the forward wall of the engine room. Odd as it may seem, this was not immediately obvious as we were taking it apart. Often the screw heads were not accessible as they were under the fake wood laminate.

That Princess stove will have a few screws on  a strip below the oven door and also screws heading out from the sides next to the burners, into the counter top.

Where cabinet sides/fronts/backs actually terminated at the floor, screws came up through the floor into the vertical component. Everywhere else (like under a drawer) you are likely to find 3/4" x 3/4" strips used to make 90 degree joins. You can see a bit of them in this image. I can tell you they are very well built and I would never have been able to remove mine in good condition without substantially more time.

Lastly, don't forget to use a Frearson bit or you will strip all of those soft bronze screws.

Here is a cropped section of the photo to show it better.

Holy Cow I was hoping to be able to remove it and reuse it but it looks like you had to do a fair amount of demolition to even get to the fasteners.

Thanks for sharing this. 

My 31 is the same. I'm also certain the cabinets were assembled out of the boat and installed before the cabin top was put on. I doubt they could be disassembled from inside the boat without some level of destruction.  

Jeremy Goldstein said:

In my boat the cabinets are tabbed to the inner hull and also have some minamal screws down into the floor

Heres an example

You would think there would be a plan to remove them. They sit right on top of the access panel for the starboard engine.

Now that I think of it this is an advantage of the layout of the 47'. Your galley is forward whereas the 45' galley is on the right as you come down from topside. 

I have a 77 45' commander. My galley is in the same spot as yours, but designed differently. My fridge is next to the stairs and my stove is next to the fridge. Opposite of the fridge is a cabinet that used to hold the tv. Your stove is in that spot. There were four screws that attached it to the sink cabinet. If you remove the stove as was described before, you probably can unscrew it like I did. There were no screws into the counter top. Just slide it out. There was also a 2" stand to raise the cabinet. Good luck.

Billy K.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to attempt to get it out this weekend.

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