Chris Craft Commander Club Election Announcement, November 2019

 In accordance with our bylaws, the Executive Committee presents their nominations for the following Executive Committee positions:


Chief Commander --- Mike Hagler, Davisburg, MI

Treasurer --- Sterling (Scott) Shriber, Akron, OH

Membership Chair --- Jim and Roni Sue Bell, Pittsburgh, PA

Archivist --- Charlene Pike, Royal Oak, MI

Webmaster --- Pamela Sorensen, Colona, IL

Public Relations Chair --- Mark Terry SR and Donna Gibson, Conklin, NY


Biographical information on these candidates can be found at:


Duties for each position are located in the bylaws


Additional “floor nominations” can be sent to our membership chair, Matt Cowles (  up until November 30, 2019.


Members will receive instructions on how to vote starting on December 2nd, when elections begin.

 The following excerpt from Article 4 of our bylaws defines the Executive Committee procedures for the biennial election of Executive Committee members, plus the procedures for additional nominations from the general membership:



All Executive Committee positions are elective, with only the Chief Commander and Treasurer being limited to two terms.  The election shall be held every two years during first two weeks in December of odd numbered years.

 During the first 14 days of November in odd numbered years, the Executive Committee shall present to the general membership their nominations for each Executive Committee position.

Additional nominees for any of these positions may be made by any 5 members listed as current on the latest records of the Membership Chair and submitted to the Membership Chair in writing during the entire month of November in odd numbered years.  These "floor nominations" are limited to two nominations per position, taken in order of receipt by the Membership Chair, and are to be published for consideration to the general membership by the Web Master, who shall also design & monitor both the method of balloting, and compile & report the results to the membership.

In the event a properly qualified successor to a term limited Treasurer may not be found, nominated, & elected by the terms end, the Executive Committee may authorize an extension of up to one year to the current Treasurer’s term. When a properly qualified successor is identified and elected, that person would immediately assume the position of Treasurer and serve the terms remaining time.

Qualified electors shall be listed as current members on the latest records of the Membership Chair.  Majority vote of ballots cast shall carry the election.

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Fall Edition of Styled In Fiberglass Available here!

The Fall 2019 Edition of the Chris-Craft Commander Club's newsletter, Styled In Fiberglass, is now available for your reading pleasure.  Click here to download this and past issues.


2019 Annual Photo Contest Winners

Sixty-Eight photos were submitted for this year's contest.  They were absolutely amazing, making selecting a top 3 an extremely difficult task for your Executive Committee

Thank you to all that submitted a photo to the contest and even if your photo was not in the top 3, it could appear on a cover of Styled In Fiberglass, the club's newsletter due out in November, or the 2020 Wall Calendars, which are now available.

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