I'm sure you guys are probably aware of a 47 Commander in Hudson Florida The one that says Ollie's on the purple fly bridge. It's been on the market for a while. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the boat. I put in an offer and it was accepted so I'm under contract on the boat now with pop yachts.

Although I've never had a Commander before I've had two other Chris Crafts. I'm wondering what to look for on this one for problem areas.

A little history on the boat it was used by the previous owner before this current owner as a liveaboard, never moving under its own power. About 2 years ago the current owner bought it and apparently started to get it back in shape. From the pictures it's taken apart and not in the condition it was a couple years ago. But the current owner did get the Cummins diesels running a year ago as well as the diesel generator.

I'm going to use it as a floating office for now and then eventually get it in shape again myself but I wonder about cabin leaks since I've heard that maybe a problem with this boat. Are the decks fiberglass or wood? I hear it has a leak around the front hatch too. I'm no stranger to fixing boats in bad shape I'm just wondering how bad a shape this one's going to be.

As far as the diesels I've never owned a diesel boat and I'm wondering what I'll need to do to fire up these Cummins diesels after they've sat for a year. The boat was run on a couple of outboard fuel tanks so I assume the boat tanks are bad or full of algae. The outboard fuel tanks are still there I figure I'll just fill them up with fresh diesel and go from there. Any tips on that at are appreciated.

This isn't my first go around with this broker they're famous for not giving you all the information so I won't know how bad it is until I get there. But I'm hoping it's not as bad as I expected to be. I'm really looking forward to joining the Commander club!

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I'll honestly tell you, if the guy would have extended my dates long enough so I actually could have went and saw the boat in person, I would probably have bought this boat even without hearing the engines run because of what else it has to offer. But he refused to do that and he ticked me off and wasted too much of my time (I bet you guys know that feeling). Now I think I'm going to let him set on that for another year.
Last Friday the owner wouldn't even extend my acceptance of the boat date from this Wednesday to this Friday. His excuse was he was in a hurry to sell it. Try to figure that out. Now it's not going to sell until next year probably, if at all. It's just insane.

This is a stinky deal and you should be glad to get out of it without spending a ton of money on it.

Jim, I have been trying to get to Greenville for almost  a year, when I do, I'm coming for a visit with a long boat ride.


Yes for sure on getting out of it. I just talked to a surveyor yesterday who won't even survey a boat if it's a pop yachts boat. I know they sell nothing but junk from what I've seen, but I at least wanted to take a look at it. Thanks to this owner I didn't even get that far. I'm really starting to suspect that it may have sunk at the dock and that's why he probably doesn't want me to crank the engines over. That might also explain the change how it looks from 2 years ago when it was nice to now when it looks like a bomb went off inside.
Here's one more FYI for anyone who's thinking about getting a boat surveyed in Florida. I talked to a marine surveyor yesterday he says everyone is 6 weeks out for performing a survey. So even if I had wanted one I couldn't have got one in time. I don't think there's too many owners right now selling a boat that's going to give you almost two months to close (6 weeks plus a week for me to fly in and inspect the boat, then make a decision). But they need to if a survey is desired.

Hey Dominic.  I saw somewhere (maybe here on Commander Club) a 47 Commander for FREE in Maryland.  You never know what a case of Comet,  a scrub brush and a case of bleach will uncover...  And you are starting $16,000 ahead!  You might even be able to get that one running!

Currently,  boat sales are off the charts.  For those who can afford it,  boating is one of the few family activities that can almost escape the pandemic for a few precious hours every week.  Demand has exceeded supply.        

Thanks that's appreciated! Unfortunately though that's way too far away from Florida. My criteria for a boat it is it has to be in running condition and it has to be in Florida. According to the listing on the pop one I was looking at it was. unfortunately though the owner won't let you start it so you don't know if it's been underwater.
I don't mind doing cosmetics over the winter when my marine PWC parts business is dead, but I don't have the time or money to be fixing engines.
I should rephrase that. I could afford to fix engines but I'm not going to put way more into a boat then it's worth and that's what would happen if you had to fix the engines on that one.

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